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Snack haul!

January 16, 2014

Oh we’re off again picking up some fabulous snacks from here and there

Okay this one isn’t from around here, we actually picked it up in Asia a while back. It’s a dairy milk chocolate bar with jelly beans and popping candy filling, see it’s true, treats in Asia is just more fun somehow. Lil’ bun and I were super excited to try this little creation and it really was marvelous as the name does say so itself. The jelly beans weren’t too noticeable but boy were the popping candies a nice surprise!


Here’s the start of a Trader Joe’s mini haul, when it comes to neat healthy snacks, Trader Joe’s is the place to go! Brother deer was not fond about getting these chips just because he said if you dip them in salsa you won’t even be able to really taste them anyways. Well, for those who don’t like the taste of “healthiness” a good choice is using salsa of course. Mother deer and I enjoyed these chips without any though, to us they were perfectly crunchy and herb-y tasting on their own yums.


I tried these over at C’s house not too long ago when she got them and I decided to get a bag of of my own. Although these chips don’t sound all that appetizing, they aren’t too bad. They are a little grainy in texture though so that might be a little off putting for some. On their own the chips are actually quite tasty, the black beans in it gives it a salsa/taco/chili spice flavour to them.


Okay these were a bit of an impulse buy because they were right beside the checkout stations but to be fair, if we saw them in the aisle I’m sure we would of picked them up too. They just sounded intriguing to us. Taste wise, they are alright, nothing too special. The edaname beans are dried so they sort of have the texture/taste of dried soybeans if you’ve had those before. The chocolate coating surrounding the little pea is quite thick so the flavor of the beans aren’t too prominent.


Ahhhh….argument ably these were our best finds of the day, I mean it’s a delicious combination of salty and sweet, pure perfection. Perhaps we had too high of hopes for the chips because we didn’t think they were worth the money since it was such a little bag. I think we could of achieved the same type of product if we made them ourselves at home. But lil’ bun and I both agreed that they would be a fun treat to bring to a party any day.


I got these because I found them interesting and I hear good things about the tried fruit products at Trader Joe’s. However, I was really really disappointed with these, they were just not good. I thought they were have more of a chile powder flavor to them hence the name of the product but what received was an overwhelming amount of paprika flavor. The mango wasn’t like any dried mango I’ve had either, it was a little more gummy in texture, just not a good find. ):


C raved about this cereal and told me to buy her another box when I was there, hearing such a review I decided to give them a go. Lil’ bun loves yogurty bits in her cereal as well and anything with freeze dried fruits intrigues her right away. I really liked these actually, despite how there were yogurt bits in it, the cereal wasn’t too sweet. I’d have these again some time and I’m not even a cereal person!


Tyi really likes her gummies so we decided to grab a couple of bags for her. We decided to get some original gummy bears because, who doesn’t like these little fellas? I didn’t have any but lil’ bun liked them quite a bit and they weren’t too sweet either. I liked that they didn’t have any preservatives, anything chemical free deserves a pat on the back…or package.


These little guys gave mother deer quite the shock when she had one because they are sort of like “fruit gushers.” Those little penguin gummies have their bellies full of fruity filling that surprise you if you don’t know about the filling beforehand. Lil’ bun really loved these little guys and I can see why, the penguin tummies were really fun to squish around and play with. Well they tasted good too!


Last but not least, the infamous COOKIE BUTTER (with cocoa swirl)! I hear about this little jar of goodness all over the foodie world and after much anticipation I finally got my hands on a jar of this stuff. Maybe we shouldn’t of gotten the jar that had the cocoa swirl too because the chocolate masked the taste of the cookie quite a bit. From the parts I could taste, I got bits and pieces of the cookie crumbs which were nice. I think next time I’m going to get the original cookie butter in the chunky version. Mother deer approved of it too because it wasn’t too sweet.


Now for the mini wal-mart haul, every time we go to wal-mart lil’ bun and I go hunting for new snacks to try, especially new versions of snacks we are already familiar with. S’mores, chocolate graham, and vanilla cupcake goldfish oh my.


Originally lil’ bun was going to hold off on opening these but in the end she couldn’t resist because they were just too intriguing. The texture of these were quite interesting, they weren’t as light and “airy” as cheese puffs but not overly crunchy like the original goldfish crackers either. It was like a happy medium between the two creating the perfect crunch. Lil’ bun found these to be a little spicy but I thought they were wonderful.


Lil’ bun and I love the cranberry almond version of these so when we saw this version we were overjoyed! However, after trying one, we were left quite disappointed with the product. Instead of tasting mango and coconut, we actually tasted orange…which was odd and unexpected. I think these are going to take a while to get through…


When we were at the store lil bun and I debated between getting the mint, coconut or berry version of these and we ended up choosing mint. After buying them and inspecting the package further and figuring out what these “fudge cremes” really were, we regretted choosing this flavor. Not because they weren’t delicious but because they were pretty much like chocolate mint girl guide cookies! Don’t get me wrong, we love the chocolate mint girl guide cookies, but we have boxes of them at home still from when lil’ bun was selling them! Anyhow, if you’ve never had them before, get them, they’re scrumptious.


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