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Simba’s Grill

November 9, 2015
Simba's grill chicken

Grayson and I have been walking by Simba’s Grill for a good 2 years now. Every time we went down to English Bay we would think to ourselves “we should go here sometime” but we had never gotten around to it until now!

And I’m glad we finally did because goodness it was a delicious experience!

Simba's grill

Various chutneys: They offered us a tamarind sauce (in the pitcher), yogurt (right), a coconut sauce (left), a mango chili sauce(orange)  and a spicy oil of sorts (dark red).

Our favorite was the mango chili sauce because it had the perfect balance of spicy and sweet flavors. We wish that there was a little more mango flavor to it though. The tamarind sauce reminded us of plum sauce and the coconut sauce was filled with grated coconut which created this coleslaw like texture. Despite the fact that I typically adore all things spicy, the spicy oil was too strong for me and a little goes a long way!

Simba's grill

Kuku Choma ($14): This was marinated barbeque chicken breast fillets on a bed of saffron rice. I’ve never had saffron rice before and thought that there would be more flavor to it than it did but regardless it was yummy and there was a whole lot of it too! I only got through 1/3 of it! So portions here are definitely generous. 🙂

Simba's grill chicken

Now for the star of the plate, the chicken itself! They were seasoned so well that I didn’t even end up using any of the chutneys on it. It was aggressively spiced and gave off a good amount of heat without being spicy. The chicken was moist and tender on the inside which was yet another plus. After trying this, I was definitely inspired to try to recreate it at home!

Simba's grill chicken

Beef mishkaki ($14): Marinated beef skewers. We were surprised that it came with not one, not two but three whole skewers! Grayson said that the beef was cooked to medium rare perfection and was just as aggressively seasoned as mine. He actually thought it was “too seasoned” at one point because it got too spicy for him so I told him to use the coconut or yogurt sauces to help mellow it out. Nevertheless, he gobbled the entire plate up in no time!

Simba's grill skewer

Note: we used a buy 1 get 1 free coupon for this visit

Simba's grill

1: Never again | 2: Bad | 3: Average | 4: Good | 5: Amazing

Food: 4.5
Service: 4
Value: 4
Ambiance: 4
Would I come back? Definite YES.

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