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Shangri-la curry house – Hong Kong

October 4, 2013

Hi, this is Tyi, as in tea. I’m just another lover of food. Consider this blog going global, since I’ll be writing on the places I visit in most Asian countries, especially ones in Hong Kong and China.

Ready for a journey? Alright, here we go! Hong kong has long been deemed by some as a food paradise. However, contrary to most, I tend to visit the older looking restaurants because they are good and traditional. That’s why I usually stray away from chain stores.

Five years ago, I heard about a place in Yuen Long, Hong Kong that had the most amazing tasting curry. Now that I finally had the time, I decided to give it a try.

Once my friend and I got into the restaurant, we felt out of place because we were the only Chinese people there. Everyone else was either Indonesian or Philippino. Maybe it ‘s because it was Sunday and they just finished worship..


This came with our meal, naan bread with condiments. I tried the green one first, it was sour and a little spicy, but it made me feel fresh and helped increase my appetite! The red one, I didn’t know what it was, but it tasted very vinegar-y. My friend liked this one a lot.

It was so yummy that I only remembered to take the picture when we were almost finished eating it…

Indian pizza, they used a special milk powder to make it. I recommend you to eat it with the curry, because I felt like the taste of the powder was too “raw”. With the curry, it tasted more pastry like. As for the curry, you didn’t feel spice until I had a few bites of it.

Rice from Thailand…it gave me a new impression of fried rice  because I was able to taste single pieces of rice and herbs in every bite. It was unlike, Chinese cuisine, where the fried rice is wetter because they need to make sure it sticks to the oil.

Curry dumpling, it had mashed potato and curry on the inside. It was nothing special and I thought that the wrap for it was a little too thick. I was not a fan of the texture either.

Here’s the menu, but it may be a little bit blurry..


At the end of our visit, they gave me a VIP card, it was so nice! This really made me want to come back and have another culinary endeavor! What a good business strategy. Well it didn’t really matter, because I would of come back for everything I tried and other foods too, FOR SURE! I saw that a lot of people ordered the lamp chop and special fish. Next time I’m going to try it because it looked and smelled so good.


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