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Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. -Dineout vancouver 2018

January 28, 2018
rocky mountain flatbread pesto chicken pizza

Hello my fellow food enthusiasts! Welcome to another installment of Dineout Vancouver 2018! We decided that we would go with a different cuisine each round we go so tonight was Italian at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. . What’s Dineout Vancouver? It’s a food event and Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. is on the $20 menu. So an appetizer, pizza or pasta and dessert for $20? Sign me up! To catch you up on my adventures thus far, I’ve been to Dosanko, The Park and Max’s Restaurant.

rocky mountain flatbread co kitsilano

rocky mountain flatbread co main street

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. has been an Italian restaurant that I’ve been looking forward to visiting for a while now. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve gone for flatbread pizza. My go-to spots for pizza has always been either FamosoPizza Fabrika or Cotto Enoceta so it was nice to try some place new.

rocky mountain flatbread co kitsilano

We came in on a Saturday night and it was packed so I was glad that I made reservations ahead of time. When we were brought over to our table the first thing I noticed was their “live” plant wall display.

Am I the only one who feels more inclined to touch something when it says not to?

menu board rocky mountain flatbread

The Dineout menu included options for the daily pasta and soup. We were about to ask our server what they were when we noticed that it was right in front of us on the black board!

After making our orders, the five of us began to lose ourselves watching the pizza oven. It wasn’t as massive as the one at Famoso but it was impressive nevertheless. Being that we were there on a chilly day, we were more than happy to sit upclose and personal to the warm oven.

rocky mountain flatbread main street

Blackbery and basil salad: This salad was full of spinach leaves, sunflower sprouts tomatoes, cucumbers and mangoes. To our surprised, the blackberry and basil only referred to the type of dressing the salad had rather than what’s in the salad. Hurray for salads with flatbread on the side!

Herb salad rocky mountain flatbread

Herb salad: I assumed this was their signature salad. It didn’t really taste herby despite the fact that it was a “herb vinaigrette.” The dressing was much more acidic than sweet which was a nice change from the previous salad. Instead of coming with mangoes, this one came with oranges

rocky mountain flatbread blackberry basil salad

Mushroom caps: These came in three flavors; spinach feta, leek and bacon and roasted tomato hummus. They weren’t anything that made me go “wow” but they were quite tasty. I thought that the ratios of the fillings were quite off since the bacon one lacked bacon flavor and was mostly made up of leeks. The spinach one barely had any feta in it and the hummus one tasted like well, hummus on a mushroom.

rocky mountain flatbread stuffed mushroom cap appetizer

Celeriac soup: This was the soup of the day which was made out of celeriac root, zucchini and apple. We didn’t taste the sweetness of the apple through it though. The soup was thick and the flavor resembled a potato soup. The Parmesan on top added a much needed saltiness to it.

celeriac soup rocky mountain flatbread

As we finished off our appetizers, our mains arrived. How great is that? You’re done one course and you’re headed into the next right away! Big step up from the experience I had a couple days ago at Dosanko.

Chef’s pasta: Today’s pasta was an organic penne with a creamy arugula and lemon pesto. Despite the fact that I don’t like cream sauce, this dish definitely caught my attention. I mean lemon pesto? Yes please!

Oh my gosh I was so glad we got this dish. The sauce was so creamy and rich that I didn’t even mind that the lemon flavor wasn’t as strong as I wanted it to be. There was lots of herbs in it which helped cut the richness of the cream. The best part about it was that there was lots of veggies in it!

Pasta with lemon pesto cream sauce rocky mountain flatbread rocky mountain flatbread

Naturally meaty: For a meaty pizza, it didn’t really come with as much meat as I thought it would. This pizza was topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy ground beef, kale, italian sausage, onions, tomatoes and asiago cheese.

If you’re not a huge cheese fan but love meat, this is the pizza for you! The ground beef gives you a kick but ends up being a little dry so the juicy tomatoes definitely help balance everything out.

The meaty pizza rocky mountain flatbread

Pesto chicken: I love me some pesto so we had to order a couple of these. Like the others, this pizza had a tomato sauce base and mozzarella cheese. It was then topped with lemon rosemary chicken, roasted peppers, onions, a 3 herb pesto and Parmesan cheese.

Unfortunately, there was not as much chicken as i thought there would be but there was definitely a lot of cheese on top. Mother deer noted that the pizzas here don’t really have much tomato sauce on the base because you can’t really taste much of it.

rocky mountain flatbread pesto chicken pizza

Shrimp pesto: The second pesto pizza we got was the one with shrimp. This one is similar to the first but the chicken is swapped for shrimp, the peppers are swapped for artichokes and the Parmesan is swapped for Asiago.

I’m a thin crust pizza lover and this one ended up with a really crunchy crust so I was a huge fan of that. The pizza itself was super tasty too and I liked the saltiness of the Asiago on it. It’s not as strong as the Parmesan so the shrimp wasn’t hidden.

Shrimp pesto pizza rocky mountain flatbread

All Canadian: Since we’re all Canadian, we had to get this one. This pizza was topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, bacon, beef pepperoni, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, aged cheddar and green onions.

Out of all the pizzas we got, this one DEFINITELY had the most toppings on it by far. I mean just look at how packed it is! We’ve never tried beef pepperoni before either but it is quite spicy!

rocky mountain flatbread the canadian pizza

By now we were all pretty stuffed but there’s always room for dessert right?

Apple crumble with coconut ice cream: This was their vegan option and I couldn’t get enough of the coconut ice cream. The crumble was like a hug. It was so warm and cozy tasting.

If you’re used to your crumbles having clusters on top, this is not how it’s made here. This one was more like apple pie filling topped with toasted oats, cranberries and lots of cinnamon. Not too sweet but 100% delicious.

apple crumble dessert with vanilla ice cream rocky mountain flatbread

Cheesecake with coconut crust: You would never guess this was gluten-free (or that the apple crumble was vegan for that matter). But before I go on a tangent on how healthy food can still taste good I’ll move onto talking about how this was.

The cheesecake was soft but not as soft as the one at Trees Coffee. With that being said, I think I enjoyed the one here more than the one here because it didn’t feel like I was eating cheese pudding since it was denser. It wasn’t overly rich either and the coconut base gave it a light toasty flavor. Contrary to what we thought, it didn’t actually taste coconut at all!

gluten free coconut cheesecake rocky mountain flatbread

Raspberry mango sorbet: Fruity. Cold. Delicious. Vegan. Enough said.

rocky mountain flatbread strawberry mango sorbet dessert

Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream: This was one decadent brownie. It was sooo chocolatey and the crust on top gave it some texture. The vanilla ice-cream was nothing special…until we ate it with the berry coulis on the plate! You HAVE to try eating it like that. You won’t regret it.

brownie with vanilla icecream rocky mountain flatbread

All in all, this visit definitely ended on a high-note. After our last two Dineout visits being questionable as to if it was really worth the $20, I’m glad we did it right this time. Or rather, Rocky Mountain Flatbread did it right. I also found out that they have this three courses for $20 deal every Tuesday so stop by when you have the chance!

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