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Ramenman (Vancouver)

August 9, 2017
veggie ramen

It’s that time of the year again…the Honda’s celebration of lights! This past Saturday was Japan’s turn across the sky so it was only fitting that we go for Japanese food for dinner.

And I swear we have gone for ramen for dinner 3 weeks in a row now because it’s literally all we eat when we’re in downtown Vancouver! I mean two weeks ago we were at Yuzu Shoketei and last week we were at Men-no KURA.

ramen restaurant

modern restaurant

Anyways, this week we stumbled upon Ramenman. I’ve heard of the place before but this was my first official visit. What surprised me about the menu was that chicken ramen seemed to be the focus since they offered two types of chicken ramen and only one pork-based one.

ramenman food

I didn’t have much of a choice since there was only one vegetarian option so I went with the vegetable ramen. Unlike the one at Kokoro ramen, this broth had a rich depth of flavor. It was creamy and had hints of umami from the shiitake mushrooms in the soup base.

veggie ramen

My favorite part about the whole bowl was the 63 degree egg on top because there’s nothing I love more than a runny yolk! Another thing that was great about the bowl was that the ramen was cooked perfectly with the perfect amount of chewiness.

ramen noodles

Grayson decided to get the large size of the Staff’s curry rice. One would think that he’d get a bowl of ramen since that’s why most people would go to a ramen joint but nope. He likes going to ramen places because they have curry rice.

Yes, it’s odd but I have grown to accept his “quirks” for what they are by now so it’s just normal to me now.

Anyways, he was not too impressed with the size of his curry rice because even though it was a “large,” it was a smaller portion than any he’s had before. With that being said, the big chunks of braised pork, carrots and potatoes were much appreciated and enjoyable.

japanese curry

All in all, would we come again? Probably not considering that there is an abundance of ramen joints downtown that are at a lower price point with bigger portion sizes.

But was it a delicious meal? Most definitely yes.

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