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Potter’s garden

September 8, 2017
potters garden food

We decided to go out for Korean for dinner but we weren’t sure where to go so I suggested Potters garden because it has been so long since I’ve been there!

It’s not that it wasn’t good to me the last few times I went but there are just so many more Korean places in the area that I never get back around to going there again.

potters garden sign

The first thing that I noticed about Potters Garden is that they expanded! They now have party rooms near the entrance. Or were those always there but I never noticed because I’m always sitting on the other side of the restaurant?

korean restaurant interior

As usual, the meal comes with a variety of banchan and here at Potters Garden you get a selection of bean sprouts, potatoes, seaweed and kimchi. My favorites have got to be the seaweed and kimchi. I just can’t decide which I like more!

Although to be honest, upon coming back from Korea where I have eaten way more banchan than humanly possible….It’s not exactly as appealing to me anymore

korean appetizer

We couldn’t go for Korean without having a seafood pancake so of course we ordered one. We were a party of six so it was the perfect amount for us since we each got a slice. I wouldn’t say that the pancake was spectacular because there wasn’t very much filling inside and there was more batter than anything but the super crispy exterior made up for the lack of filling since it was just sooo crunchy!

korean pancake

Mother deer wanted us to get a cold dish so I chose the jelly noodles. I’ve never had this before so I was quite intrigued about what I was going to have in front of me when the order came. The broth and toppings that came with it resembled what you would get on top of a bowl of Korean noodles so that wasn’t anything new.

korean ice noodles

The thing that was new to me was how the meat was served on the side? We weren’t sure if we were supposed to eat it together or as a side dish! Anyways, the jelly noodles were very interesting to eat. They were really soft and we never had anything like it before! I would say that it was more like eating soft food than “jelly”

jelly noodles

Another must have of Korean food is Kbbq so naturally, we ordered a few platefuls of meat to have with our meal. The thing about Potters garden is that you have to order two plates of meat and you’re not allowed to just choose one. I thought that was unreasonable because we were kind of forced to choose two things when we really only wanted one to try.

korean pork belly

The first of the two we got was beef bulgolgi. It was marinaded very well and the meat was full of flavor. We liked that there were a few vegetables mixed in there as well.

korean beef bulgolgi

The other was the pork belly. It didn’t come marinaded or seasoned so it wasn’t as flavorful as the beef bulgolgi but we enjoyed it just fine. They were actually quite thick cut of a slice too!

pork belly

Then we rounded our meal off with two hot dishes and a soup.

Since we already had beef and pork, mother deer wanted us to get chicken bibimbap but we all complained that it wouldn’t be “legit” that way so we went with beef instead. All three bibimbap must haves were present. A great sunny side up egg, loads of fillings, and crispy rice. Needless to say, we were happy with our order.

korean stone pot rice

Then we had a favorite of mine, spicy seafood noodle soup. As you can see, there was heaps of seafood on top and the noodles were interesting because they were chewy like ramen instead of being straight wheat noodles. The soup was also super spicy which was a definite plus

spicy seafood noodle soup

I feel as though I should of talked about this one earlier because it was the most disappointing part of the meal. We ordered a 24hour slow cooked pork bone soup with potato noodles expecting it to be served in a clay pot and filled with deliciousness but what we got was a big bowl of nothing because there was barely anything inside of it! I mean there was a lot of soup but not much of anything else. Very disappointing.

pork bone soup

potters garden food

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