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Places to eat in Hong Kong (part 3)

September 13, 2015

Hello, hello, it’s time for another installment of…let’s reminisce about the delicious food I’ve had on vacation and salivate 😛


Oh the ever so delicious hot and sour soup noodle bowl. I can’t get enough of this stuff. It’s just so delicious and unlike Shanghai or Malaysian hot and sour soup, the ones in Hong Kong are pickled cabbage based so it has a whole different flavor profile!


Ice cream waffle sandwiches D: I’m one of those people who like waffles more than pancakes. You wouldn’t be able to guess it though because I have pancakes every single Sunday but when you don’t have a waffle maker at home, you just have to make do with pancakes.

Anyways, who would of thought that you could place a giant scoop of ice cream in between two waffles and have it taste so delicious? Then again, anything with ice cream is amazing so why was I being so doubtful?


I LOVE Shanghainese food but rarely have the opportunity to have it because there aren’t too many Shanghai cuisine restaurants in Vancouver…none that are too enticing at least. One of my favorite dishes from Shanghai is hot and sour soup! Do you see a reoccuring theme here?


And of course, my brother just had to get a pork cutlet with his bowl of Shanghai noodles. Shanghai wheat noodles are interesting because they resemble ramen noodles but lack the egg aspect so they remain white and don’t have a tinge of yellow as you would find with ramen.


My cousin and I went to a Korean restaurant and decided to try the potato salad there. It had red potatoes, egg, onion, bacon bits, and carrot slices. It came to us in a bowl and you hand to mash/mix it all together on your own before eating it! Talk about working for your food!


And after lunch, we just HAD to go for dessert, so we decided to try this little cafe called ocio


We then proceeded to have waffles and icecream with a side of colourful fruit! Yes, I was indeed making sure that I made good use of all opportunities to have waffles 😛


Here we have even more dessert! This one features mango and came with mango mochi, mango ice cream and mango glutinous rice balls.

I bet you think that I’m all done with the dessert by now, but nope we also ended up getting a matcha redbean froyo parfait to share that day. Hey, there was a watermelon ball on it so technically I still had fruit with it and matcha is jam packed of antioxidants so really, I was only giving my body the nourishment it needed 😉


Okay okay, I didn’t go too crazy because I was sure to have my share of tropical fruit too! I loved walking over to the fruit stands every morning to just look at all the fruits they had to offer. One of my favorites were the giant mangoes from Thailand. They were bigger than my hand!  IMG_20130729_184854

Other fruit favorites of mine are rambutans which are similar to lychees, milk bananas which are not only cute but absolutely delicious and hami melon which tasted like a cantaloupe but crisper in texture.


One of the days we were there, brother deer actually let us go to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner. I know, who would of thought right?

This was a bowl of wheat noodles topped with pickled cabbage and mushrooms.


We also had a bowl of udon with veggies and a plate of steamed dumplings.


After dinner, we then proceeded to grab dessert! To be fair, having dessert in Hong Kong isn’t so bad because they are usually light, refreshing and fruit based!

Brother deer decided to get mango sago soup with coconut cream and red bean


I opted for something more fruity and decided to get the watermelon and honey dew slush boat with glutinous rice balls with a side of fruit


I’m usually not a fan of Taiwanese food because it’s usually red meat based but we decided to try this restaurant (Teawood) because my cousin recommended it. I got a minced beef noodle soup


And brother deer got the traditional Taiwanese beef noodle soup. He said that the beef was melt in your mouth tender and it was definitely better than the ones he’s had in Vancouver.


After a long day of shopping we stumbled upon a restaurant where you were seated in front of a computer screen and you selected your order on it.

How cool right?

So we proceeded to press buttons and played around with it…


…and then that’s when we broke the computer…



But we still managed to get our orders anyway…after a long wait and lots of annoyed stares from the servers of course.

I decided to get the Singapore laksa noodle soup. It wasn’t bad but I thought the one I had at Toast Box a couple of days ago was better executed


After dinner we headed over to one of our uncle’s places to have these steamed red bean pudding (bwut zhai gou) desserts. The pudding is sweetened with golden sugar based that’s why it shows up yellow when it’s steamed.

You can’t really find these in Vancouver so every time we’re here we are bound to have a bunch of them since we feel like we have to make up for the time we’ve been with out it.


Well, I think that’s enough food for this post and that’s about all I have to share for my trip to Hong Kong but brother deer, mother deer and lil’ bun headed over to Taiwan for a few days after I returned back to Vancouver so…look forward to my future post on what they had to eat while they were there!

Hope you all have a brilliant Sunday!

<3 Cynthia

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    1. Thank you Hilda! I always like looking at what people try all around the world so I like doing similar posts! Glad you enjoy them 🙂

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