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Pizza Fabrika

March 25, 2015

I’ve walked by Pizza Fabrika on numerous occasions on my way down to English Bay but have yet to give it a try because there are just too many restaurants along this street!


But, I finally got the opportunity to give it a try a couple of weeks ago when I got invited to a Zomato/Urbanspoon event!

And GOODNESS, we tried a truckload of food.


Cheesey garlic bread: They were not kidding when they named this bread because it was insanely cheesy! Although it was topped off with a bunch of cheese, the garlic was the predominant flavor because of the garlic butter that topped it off. This was definitely the epitome of all garlic breads


Beer bison meatballs: I’ve never tired bison before and I actually liked it. They were quite firm and resembled sausage in that they used a blend of pork and bison when they made it. I usually stay away from meatballs because I find that sometimes they end up being quite dry but these weren’t at all!


Mac n’ cheese: There was A LOT of cheese in this. I don’t think I have ever seen a cheesier mac n cheese in my life. It was so cheesy that we ended up having a whole mess of stringy cheese strands everywhere when we were taking spoonfuls of it onto our plates. The gremolata it was topped off with added another dimension of flavor to it too.


Beet salad: This was topped with creamy fresh herb ricotta, beets, arugula and walnuts.


Arugula salad: Topped with toasted pine nuts, yellow tomato dressing, shaved Grana Padano. This was my favorite salad out of all the ones we tried. It had the perfect balance of tartness, acidity, and crunch.



Dark matter: This was a new pizza they created for a pizza contest we have going on in Vancouver. It was topped off with ale sausage, braised shortrib, mixed mushroom and onions. Yes, there was shortrib on this pizza. Pretty crazy huh? I didn’t have a change to try this while I was there but I’m positive it was amazing because everyone was giving it glowing reviews!


Flammkuchen: This is the PERFECT pizza for all you bacon lovers out there. Why? Well, brace yourselves,  because this pizza was topped off with double smoked bacon, creme fraiche, caramelised onion, panchetta and chives!


I’m not sure what the name of this pesto pizza was but it was topped off with bell peppers, goat cheese, and tomatoes. I noticed that they like to use goat cheese on pizza here which I found refreshing because it’s not something I see very often.


Margherita Fabrika: Ahh, the classic margherita pizza. This one came in last minute because apparently, you know a pizza place is good when their margherita pizza is good and this one was the other one of my favorites of the night. Perfectly baked sourdough crust, perfect amount of gooey fior di latte cheese, all topped with aromatic basil. Deliciousness on a plate.


As you can imagine by the end of all this, we were all super stuffed. I had the best time here, everyone was super friendly and our servers were more than willing to answer our million and one foodie questions on all the dishes we tried.

If you’re looking for a place with good vibes, a variety of beer and delicious food, this is the place to be!

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