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Pacifico (+ Kamei baru)

October 19, 2014

Oracle came back for Thanksgiving weekend and a weekend back isn’t complete without a girls day out so that’s what we ended up doing! Lunch and dessert all in one trip? Goodness we were spoiling ourselves! Our day ended up being a whirlwind because there were so many hiccups that came up. Originally we were going to go to Kamei baru but upon looking through the menu we realized that something was odd because there was only 2 pages to it. When we asked our server about this she told us that on the weekend they only serve their happy hour menu until dinner time.

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So since we didn’t end up wanting anything from the limited menu, we decided to go next door to Pacifico for pizza because Oracle hand an inkling for some.


Huntress and I didn’t really want pizza or pasta but we saw that they served paninis for lunch so we agreed to eating here. HOWEVER, upon being seated, we were told that on the weekends, they only offer their dinner menu…which meant that they only had appetizers, salads, pasta dishes and pizzas to offer…and NO paninis. But, we were all hungry at this point and didn’t want to restaurant hop again so we reluctantly stayed.


Oracle and Huntress decided to share a Pollo Rustica pizza ($14 on special) which came with grilled chicken breast, artichoke hearts, gouda, mozzarella, red onion and cilantro. The two of then liked the thickness of the crust because it was a happy medium between thin and thick. Huntress wasn’t too keen about the artichokes but Oracle happily ate the extras for her. We ended up asking for salt, pepper and red pepper flakes and we felt like we were bothering our server to get it because she didn’t seem too impressed with us when we asked for it. Usually it wouldn’t be a big deal but we were the only guests in the restaurants so we felt a little taken aback by this.


I ended up picking a margerhita pizzetta ($8) and I didn’t enjoy it so much. The photo on top is what came to my table and I was really not happy with it. I had never seen a margerhita pizza served like this where there was only two measly basil leaves on top and so much cheese! Every brick oven pizzeria I’ve been to at this point always had rounds of mozzarella on top of the pizza and it was definitely not drenched in cheese. It was also really oily on top…which was another first for me when it comes to this type of pizza. The girls told me to ask for it to be redone because I was so unhappy with it so I ended up doing so. When I told our server about this I was told “the margerhita IS a CHEESE pizza so do you want it with less cheese then?” Needless to say, I felt really not so smart when she told me that and almost a little offended just because her tone seemed like she was irritated with me but below is the redone version with “less” cheese.


I ended up taking half of my pizzetta home for lil’ bun to finish because I was just not a fan of it. I was a little surprised that she gave it to me in a baggie but at least it was reheatable. The photo below is when I went to¬†Famoso and it was also what I usually get when I order Margerhita pizzas (bottom left)…see what I mean bu the cheese being in rounds and placed nicely instead of coating the entire pizza?


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  1. Yeah, I felt kinda bad for you and your pizza. They should have chopped up the basil at least and that lady sounded pretty rude. Let’s hope for a better experience some place else next time….

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