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New food finds at Richmond summer night market (2015)

June 30, 2015

Here’s the third and last installment of my adventure at the International Summer Night Market in Richmond! This time I’m going to be sharing all my NEW FOOD FINDS! (see my previous post on my must eats here, and desserts here)


(Disclaimer: All food reviewed in this post were provided free of charge to me by International summer night market and the vendors through a media event hosted by Chinesebites. All opinions in this post are honest, my own and not influenced by the companies involved to make this happen.)

Fried chicken

Now those who have been following me on my blog for a while would probably be shocked that this is even on here…because I don’t eat fried chicken. Wait what? Yeup, you read me. It’s just never been my thing. But goodness did this booth change my mind. This was honestly the best fried chicken tenders I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously.


I didn’t even know that fried chicken breast could remain so moist and juicy on the inside while staying crispy on the outside. They offer their chicken tenders in original or spicy. The spicy was too spicy for brother deer but I personally liked that one wayy better. The other super cool thing about this vendor is that they check each and every piece of chicken with a meat thermonitor for quality control before sending them out! Talk about cooked to perfection!


Fried chicken gyoza

This vendor also offers chicken and waffles and fried chicken but since we already had fried chicken earlier, we decided to try their gyoza instead.


Apparently the filling for these gyoza are kept under wraps but from what we could tell they were filled with chicken, corn, and some type of green vegetable perhaps leek or green onion. We tried to fish for the spices that were in it but all they told us was that there was salt and pepper. They were well fried, backed full of filling and topped with a spicy mayo to balance everything out.



This was my first time having Turkish cuisine and I fell in love!


We chose to get the traditional version so it was filled with beef, mint, parsley, tomatoes, and loads of paprika. The the wrap is rolled up and folded in half.


The balance between the spices and fillings were just spot on and the mint and tomatoes added a pop of freshness to the wrap. I actually spent the next few days dreaming about this Turkish style burrito type wrap because it was just that amazing. This was definitely one of my favorites of the night and is a must try for sure!


Artfully delicious cotton candy from Sugar twist

Who would of thought that cotton candy could look even more whimsical than it already does?


Sugar twist offers beautifully crafted bouquet like cotton candy in various flavors and layers.

This is the 3 layer,


this is the 4 layer,


and this is the 5!


Gourmet popcorn

Mr and Mrs poppins were one of the cutest couples I’ve ever seen! They were super nice and enthusiastic about their product too which is always a plus!

They offer popcorn in several flavors some of which include cinnamon sugar, white truffle and sweet furikake (Japanese seaweed seasoning).


My favorite out of the three was the furikake and I was super glad to be able to bring a bag of it home with me so that lil’ bun could try some too. She thought it was a little odd at first but after a while the sweet and salty flavor of the popcorn got addicting and she ate a good 3/4 of my bag when I wasn’t paying….


Homemade cold steamed noodles

We had never tired these before so we decided to give them a go.


Although we were super excited to try this dish since we never encountered something like them before, we were left underwhelmed. The noodles felt undercooked and starchy and the tomato broth it came with was flavorless. We also thought that there could be more toppings in there so that there would be more of a balanced distribution between the noodles and the veggies.


However, the Chinese marinated tea eggs here were amazing! They were very flavorful and had great balance between the black tea and soy flavors. (If you’re like me and a fan of Chinese tea eggs, I have a recipe for it here)


Yet another dessert I have never tried before…Vietnamese banana coconut dessert


It’s made up of a coconut base and is filled with Vietnamese bananas and sago tapioca pearls. The vendor of this booth told me that they actually ship their bananas here from Vietnam so that their as authentic as you can get. Vietnamese banana is similar to a burro banana and is fatter than a typical Supermarket banana. It’s a little starchier and firmer in texture as well which makes it perfect for cooking!


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