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Mr. Red Cafe

December 6, 2015
mr. red cafe rice dumpling with mung bean

I haven’t gone out for Vietnamese food in a really long time and being that I’m trying to explore my food horizons more often, I decided that I would finally pay a visit to Mr. Red Cafe located on Hastings

mr. red cafe

Unlike most Vietnamese restaurants found in this area (because there’s a plethora to choose from), Mr. Red Cafe specializes in the cuisine from Northern Vietnam. One of the main differences I noticed was that they didn’t have any rice dishes! And by this I mean, they only use glutinous rice here and “normal” rice isn’t served all together! How unique!

menu takeout

Shrimp salad rolls: These are a must have for me whenever I go to a Vietnamese restaurant. There wasn’t anything special about them but Grayson said that the peanut sauce was more “peanutty” and less “hoisin saucy” than ones he’s had before.

mr red cafe shrimp salad roll

I on the otherhand am not a fan of peanuts so I opted to use their in house fish sauce! It was super delicious and had a more garlicy flavor than most I’ve tried before. I liked how they made it their own!

mr red cafe fish sauce

#11. Pho bo dac biet: special beef rice noodle soup with shank, flnk, beef balls and rare beef

mr. red cafe beef pho

#24. xoi khuc, vung lac: sticky rice and mung bean dumpling served with ground peanuts, sesame and salt

I decided to order these because I wanted to try something new and I had never seen these before. At first I was reluctant about my choice, but I was relieved shortly after when they arrived at the table and I took my first bite.

mr. red cafe glutinous rice dumpling

These were seriously the BEST Vietnamese item have ever eaten!

Under the thin layer of sticky rice, there was a layer of pandan based (the green) glutinous rice dough that encased the mung bean in the middle. The salt and pork floss on top added a nice element of saltiness to balance out the pandan which I really liked.

I cannot rave about this little dumpling enough and can’t wait to have it again!

close up rice dumpling with mung bean


1: Never again | 2: Bad | 3: Average | 4: Good | 5: Amazing
Food: 5
Service: 3.5
Value: 3.5
Ambiance: 4

Would I come back? yes. definitely. without a doubt

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