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Mr. Red cafe new location

February 16, 2018
mr red cafe glutinous rice dumplings

Hi food fam! I’m working on thinking on how to address all my readers. It’s a work in progress. Any ideas?

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’d knwo that my all time favorite Vietnamese restaurant is Mr. Red cafe. I’ve been to the Vancouver Hastings location all too many times and the Kitsilano location once before.

granville mr red cafe

The thing about the Kitsilano location is that the menu is that they offer a set meal for parties of two or more. This was something that was not offered at the Hastings location before. However, since they opened up a larger brick and mortar across the street, they now offer it on the menu! They also have a vegetarian menu now.

vegetarian menu

Shrimp salad rolls: pretty standard as good as they get. Hurray for de-veined shrimp! The peanut sauce was on point and balanced between sweet and savory. I didn’t use the peanut sauce though because everytime I’m here, I come for the house made fish garlic sauce concoction they have at the table. I can’t get enough of it.

mr red cafe salad rolls

Grayson went with the #10 pho. It came with a variety of proteins including beef balls, rare beef, flank and tendon. You can either order it with a mix of all the meats or just one of them. I like the idea of having a choice in the matter. He said the broth actually tasted like bone broth not just MSG! Thank goodness for that. This and Bai Bui Thai are the only two places that get it right without the additives I swear.

mr red cafe beef pho

You know I gotta get the mung bean glutinous rice dumplings. It’s what I get everytime I’m here. It should be no surprise by now. They also have a variety of steamed dumplings wrapped in banana leaves. I had those on one of my previous visits but this has always been my go-to here. I always try to get something else but I can’t help what the heart (and stomach) wants!

mr red cafe glutinous rice dumplings

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