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Mr. Red Cafe Kitsilano

March 31, 2017

Wow this is quite the belated post! Oracle, BW and I went to Mr. Red Cafe in Kitsilano! I’m completely in love with the one on Hastings but I have yet to go to the Kitsilano branch and I’ve been wanted to go here for quite some time because their menu is a little different than the Hastings branch.

Being that we were at this branch, we had to try something that’s only on the menu here so we decided to order the family set meal!

First came the spring rolls. I’ve never had the spring rolls at Mr. Red before and these were so unique. The egg roll wrapper was battered and fried which was unique. I’m actually not even sure if it it was wrapped with egg roll wrap but nevertheless, it was really crispy on the outside and not very oily either. The inside was jam-packed with veggies and although it didn’t come with a sauce, it was quite flavorful.

Next up was the green papaya salad. We were all quite surprised with how spicy this was. It didn’t have any shrimp in it or anything, just lots of shredded green papaya, carrot and lettuce. It was tops with sliced chili pepper, crushed nuts and dried shrimp. I liked how citrus-y the salad was and polished off the rest of the plate without any complaints.

Along with our appetizers came the main dishes which was fried tofu puffs, squash soup, pickled pearl onions, braised fish and steamed rice. We were pretty disappointed that it didn’t come with coconut rice since it would be more fragrant but no point complaining when you’re starving and there’s a gorgeous platter of food in front of you am I right?

We decided to get the fish because that’s what the server recommended. It was a bit on the salty side but the fish was fall apart flaky. If you’re not into picking apart fish bones then this probably isn’t the dish for you because to our surprise, it came with fish steaks instead of fillets.

Oracle and I thought that the pickled pearl onions were unique since we never tried them before but BW wasn’t a huge fan.

The soup had kabocha squash in it and it was a clear broth so it was light, but surprisingly flavorful. Kabocha is one of my favorite veggies in the world so I finished my bowl and more no problem 🙂

Then there was the fried tofu puffs. Oracle and BW loved these little guys. They came with a little bit of clear broth on the bottom. I’m not sure what it was exactly but despite the fact that the tofu puffs were saturated in broth, they remained crispy!

To end of the meal the set came with dessert. Unfortunately this was the worst part of the meal. The dessert was coyingly sweet and it was a sort of taro and banana sago pudding topped with coconut milk. None of us could stomach it.

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