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Momo sushi

May 13, 2017

We were told that it would be a long wait and when it was finally our turn to get seated, they told us that there was a 45 – 50 minute wait for food. We were completely taken off guard and definitely not very happy about this. We felt that they should of told us when we put our name down earlier because then we would of went somewhere else.


Luckily they offered us miso soup and salad while we were waiting so I felt a little better but we were not impressed. Grayson decided to get the appetizer sashimi and he got it 40 minutes into our wait. The tuna wasn’t very good and it was super mushy in texture but he was too hungry to care by this point so he just lived with it.


I ordered a maki combo that came with 2 pieces each of salmon and tuna nigiris along with 6 of each type of maki. This is more than what I normally eat but I figured that it was okay to over order today because I didn’t want to end up not fueling my body enough since I was already feeling so sick earlier. Like Grayson, I was not impressed. The sushi was not wrapped at all (as you can see below) and the fact that I had to wait 50 minutes for sushi like this…did not help.


Grayson got a negitoro maki, a chicken roll and the red roll (I think). He said that they were pretty decent but not the best he’s had of each. The rolls were large in size but he said that they had too much sauce on top which completely masked the taste of the ingredients within the rolls themselves.


We felt that they should of really told us that there was such a long wait for food earlier because we could of avoided this all together and because we had to wait so long for our (really not so good) food, we ended up being really late for the fireworks and couldn’t find a decent spot. Plus, if the wait was so long, we thought that our food would be at least pretty good and up to usual standards but it wasn’t so the whole visit was just really disappointing. It definitely didn’t help that we had to wave them down numerous times to just get a cup of water and if that wasn’t bad enough, we later learned that if we DIDN’T order sushi, there wouldn’t be a wait for food.

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