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Miura Waffle and Milk Bar

May 27, 2017

I am admittably a food network junkie, and I saw this place on “you gotta eat here” so I figured why not go check it out since I do, have a love of waffles and I was craving them…again. For this trip, I decided to drag Chief with me after work, since he’s usually my go to food adventure buddy. If you never heard of this place before, you’re missing out! It’s a waffle bar that offers both savory and sweet “sandwiches” with influences from global cuisines.

First we ordered the bulgolgi waffle! It gets even more amazing after that, the way they make their waffles are extremely unique; they cooked the marinated beef between the waffle batter so that it was cooked into the waffle! I thought this waffle making method was absolutely genius. Then, between the completed beef filled waffle, they sandwiched housemade egg dressing and kimchi. I appreciated how they made everything that went into this waffle sandwich in house. The kimchi wasn’t too spicy and provided an excellent crunchy texture. The beef wasn’t overcooked and while I was a little weary at first to trying it, it wasn’t bad. The waffle batter wasn’t too sweet so it complimented the savory components and was perfectly crunchy on the outside as well.


Next we tried the wasabi salmon. What?! Yeah, I know, crazy right? Like the bulgolgi, the salmon (which was amazingly a whole fillet), was cooked into the waffle. It was just cooked just right and wasn’t dry at all. The wasabi was rather mild, it was just enough so you could just taste the wasabi flavor without having it dominate the whole sandwich. The only thing I didn’t like was the romaine lettuce in the sandwich, they were too bulky and made it difficult to eat and keep the sandwich together.


We didn’t try any of the dessert sandwiches because we thought they were more “typical” and we could find them elsewhere. They also offered sandwiches like BLT waffles, but we didn’t end up choosing those because we decided to try the adventurous flavors. I think they also had a hoisin chicken fusion type one too! ¬†Perhaps, this means we will have to pay this place another visit!

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