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Meat and Bread

October 19, 2013

And the adventure continues at meat and bread! Chief and I headed there one nice Vancouver afternoon at prime lunch time…and the line was out the door. It didn’t take long for us to actually make it into the store tough, which is always lovely.


This is the wonderful busy bustling view you get when you finally get to set foot in the door. They offer jars of their signature sambal and mustard sauces on the shelf for sale too, you know, in case you get addicted once you try it and need to fuel it somehow. I appreciated that there was a long harvest table down the middle, it gave this sense of community and well, it doesn’t hurt to get to know a few strangers over lunch don’t you think?


Ahhh….hearing the crunching of the chopped pork cracklings and watching the slice of the porchetta round…the pure sense of food being created right in front of you. There was just something so artistically wonderful about it.


Chief ordered the porchetta sandwich ($8) which is the signature here. It was filled with pork, cracklings, and salsa verde, all on a fresh ciabatta bun. He thought it was wonderfully succulently delicious, just a well overall balance of flavors. He opted to get side salad with lots of healthy goodies as well, you know, to “balance” out the meat and bread part of the meal. It came with sprouts, red cabbage, walnuts, bulgar wheat, red  onions and a light mustard vinaigrette. The curiosity cola, just got him curious so he HAD to get it as well, just to satisfy his curiosity.


Despite my self-proclaimed amazing memory…I forgot the name of the sandwich. But that’s okay because it was the special of the day, which always changes, so perhaps it won’t return ever again. Nevertheless, what I do remember was what was in it, it had beef, purple cabbage and house pickled cucumber. Simply put, the cabbage was crunchy to provide texture, the pickles were perfect and the beef was meltingly tender.


I know I just talked about food, but really the bathroom signs amused me okay…don’t judge me..


I swear Grayson never fully listens to me whenever I start talking about food because he likes his routine locations to eat, because I don’t think he realized I talked about this place before. Anyways, recently he’s been mumbling about meat and bread because he’s been hearing things about it (fromotherpeople), and has been half jealous that I’ve gone and he hasn’t yet. Since meat and bread only opens for breakfast/lunch time, and he is never free during such times, I considerate, bought him a porchetta  sandwich for lunch. Getting there wasn’t the hard part, the hard part was not eating it on the way back to give it to him. At least I got to admire the faux stamp print design they had on the paper bag though. However, I do prefer the boxes they used to have for take out instead.


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