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Masa sushi

November 23, 2015

Grayson and I went over to Masa sushi after school one day for dinner and it was one of the best dining experiences we ever had!

The interior was really spacious and the sushi bar greets you upon stepping into the restaurant. They don’t have a lot of parking outside but they do have a parking lot in the back so make sure you look their first before you pay at the meter!


We were both pleasantly surprised as to how extensive the menu was. There were a variety of appetizers, rolls, entrees and combos to choose from.

We wanted to try a bit of everything so we decided to get a box set and a few rolls.

IMG_20150918_184200 IMG_20150918_184211

Chicken teriyaki roll + Salmon maki

We were both surprised as to how much chicken teriyaki was in each roll! As you can see, the interior of the roll is made up of 95% chicken with barely any cucumber! This was a pleasant surprise since usually it’s the other way around and restaurants would skimp out on the protein. Grayson said that the chicken had a good sear on them because the skin was crispy on the outside and resembled chicken katsu


Sashimi dinner set

We don’t usually get dinner combos because it is on rare occasion that everything in the box is something we actually want to try. So when we realized that we both wanted to try everything in this box, we just had to order it!

Salad, miso soup, and condiments: basic salad with light miso dressing, miso soup had loads of tofu, and the condiments (pickled daikon, wakame, pickled pearl onion) were a nice touch


Pumpkin (kabocha) croquette: This “fried item” inclusion varies everyday but I’m so glad we came on a day with pumpkin because I love kabocha! The croquette had a crispy golden brown exterior and a creamy mashed pumpkin interior. Then it was topped with okonomiyaki sauce!

Prawn skewers: Shrimps were grilled perfectly! The flesh was still a tad translucent so they were just done and were not tough at all! There wasn’t much flavor to them though and I wasn’t a fan of the fact that they weren’t de-veined either (yuck).


Sashimi and nigiris: Some of the fresher sashimi I’ve had and the fish actually tasted like fish (sometimes I’d order sashimi and there wouldn’t even be fish flavor). I liked that they included both wild and Atlantic salmon too!



1: Never again | 2: Bad | 3: Average | 4: Good | 5: Amazing

Food: 4.5
Service: 3.5
Value: 4.5
Ambiance: 4

Would I come back? Definitely


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