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Lil’ bun adventures: Market O brownie review + more

July 23, 2014

Lil’ bun and mother deer are both in Hong Kong doing some exploring right now and here’s her review of a few snack items sorry, I meant a few “snackage” items that she’s tried! She’s never done a food review before but that girl LOVES to write so I told her to give it a go and try writing her own review this time instead of having me write one for her! I hope you all enjoy it and encouragement would be nice since she’s always been quite doubtful of her writing even though she’s been selected in a few writing contests! 🙂


I’ve seen this brand (Market O) before but I’ve never seen the brownies version of it. I usually make brownies at home though since they’re fun to make (click here for one of our most recent brownie recipes!). Recently, my friend Fox gave this to me and since I was too lazy to make brownies, I thought I would give them a try. The box came with 7 differently wrapped brownies which I thought was interesting. They all had the same product inside though.


I thought that the brownie would be quite hard but it was actually quite soft and chewy. The texture was moist enough to be like a brownie for sure. At first it really tasted like box mix brownies but then it gradually had a really weird taste to it almost like when there is too much baking soda in it or something. So near the end of my taste test I didn’t like it as much because the brownie  left a strong acidy baking soda taste on my taste buds. I would not recommend buying these brownies but since they were given to me for free I didn’t mind. I think I did not like them as much probably because I’ve tasted real homemade brownies before at home but it might taste good to others who have not tried traditional or many brownies before.


These are the next snacks I had. The big package of chips was honey wings flavored and it really tasted like the chicken wings that mother deer makes back when we are at home. I would definitely recommend these if you’re into chicken wings because it really tasted like real ones!

The green bear chips had a dry aftertaste to it and it tasted like green beans. I’m not sure if it was edaname flavor but I am guessing that that was what it was. I didn’t like that one very much. The blue ones I think were salad flavor. They were very crispy like crackers and the size of them are just so adorable! Don’t you think?

Here’s the lunch me and my mom had. We always go to Yoshinoya for their terriyaki dons everytime we come to Hong Kong because it is cheap and it is close to where we live. It looks like they are pretty big bowls here but they have actually gotten smaller in portion size over the years.


I will try to write again if and when I can so until next time, bye!

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