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Kumare restaurant and bakery

December 28, 2017
food at kumare

Hello friends!

Grayson and I have been pretty complacent in our food choices for the last while. I mean if it wasn’t Japanese ramen, it was sushi. And if it wasn’t either of those, it was Japanese home-cooked meals. So enough was enough and we decided that we needed to have something we had never gone out for before…Filipino food!

kumare richmond

I don’t know why we’ve never gone for it before but I guess it’s because there’s not a lot of Filipino restaurants in the city. I know of three of them in the Metro Vancouver area?

Anyway, I’ve never had Filipino food before so I was super excited and intrigued by this propsition.

food at kumare

Grayson got the Pancit Langlang which was sauteed egg noodles and glass noodles with dried shrimp, veggies, chinese sausage and pork rinds on top.

It was very heavily seasoned and tasted like Maggi seasoning if you’ve had it. He’s someone who likes heavily seasoned foods so he was quite happy with it. The thing he had to say the most about it was that it was a huge portion and I have to agree because he struggled to finish it all!

kumare pancit langlang

I felt like having something cozy so I got the Lomi noodles. It was egg noodles in a thick egg drop soup with pork and veggies. I thought it was very pepper-y and it was too salty for my liking but I don’t really like heavily seasoned foods. So to give you all an unbiased opinion of the dish, I had Grayson try it and even he said it was too seasoned for his liking.

Like Grayson’s dish, it was a huge portion and I only finished half of it. He tried to help but he was too full to but I don’t mind because it meant I got to take the rest home for lunch the next day.¬†All that food for under $20 plus tax? What a steal!

kumare lomi

Here’s the 5 point summary of the visit.

Big restaurant. Dirty booth seats. Big menu. Large portions. Come hungry.

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