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Kilala sushi

September 25, 2017

So I’ve know about the existence of Kilala for quite a few years now but have not gotten myself down the street to go there. I know it’s a bad excuse but if you have THREE other Japanese restaurants less than a block away, going the extra five doesn’t sound all that favorable.

But when Huntress said that we should go for Japanese food, my first instinct was for us to go to Kilala so I could finally try it out.

Now if you’re giving Kilala a visit here’s a few things that you should probably know before you make your trip

  1. It’s owned by a cute Japanese couple so don’t expect your food to come super fast because there’s only one person making it
  2. The food IS worth the wait
  3. It’s a small place so make sure you get there early if you’re going during busy times
  4. There’s parking in the back
  5. Be careful of wasabi because they put it in their nigiri AND rolls!

The menu wasn’t huge but it was large enough so that you had a variety of things to choose from. I would say the prices are a bit higher than other joints in the area but trust me, it’s worth it.

Chopped scallop and tobiko roll ($4.50) and scallop nigiri ($3.50): Typical Neko, getting all things scallop. It looked super fresh!

Sashimi salad ($7): Oddly enough almost all of us wanted to get this at first but only Huntress ended up going for it. I liked that they had a variety of sashimi on there and it came with tahini (sesame) sauce instead of the usual ginger carrot

Spicy tuna combo: I decided to go with this because I didn’t have spicy tuna rolls for the longest time. What I liked about the one here was that they used togarashi seasoning to make it spicy instead of that thick gloopy sweet spicy gochugang style thing they use at most places.

Kilala combo ($10): Oracle decided to go with this because she wanted a bit of everything. She also had work after so she added on the avocado maki. The tamago here is a must try because they make it in house and trust me, it’s not like any tamago you’ve ever had before. It definitely reminded me of the ones in Japan

Kilala house roll ($13): We decided to share this one because Huntress said it was really good last time when she was here. I’m so glad we shared because it was HUGE! My favorite part was how there was tamago inside so I got to try it and that the imitation crab didn’t have mayo in it so it tasted less artificial?



I actually liked my dinner with the girls so much that I came back a day later with mother deer and lil’ bun for dinner.

Dynamite combo

Tamago roll and Kilala house roll

Spicy tuna combo

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