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Kazu Japanese restaurant

May 9, 2017
chopped scallop roll

Woah time flies! Before I knew it, somehow two years have passed since I’ve been to Kazu! Kazu is one of the Japanese-owned restaurants along the Heights.

When it first opened, it would be impossible to get a seat on even a weeknight and they often had lines out the door. The limited seating inside definitely didn’t help their cause but when people are willing to wait outside in the cold to be seated, you know it’ll probably be worth the wait


For dinner we decided to get a mix of entrees and sushi dishes. To start we got a combo that came with 3 nigiri and tuna maki.

The tuna was really fatty and we were pleasantly surprised with the wild salmon. To be honest it was sliced a little too thin for our liking since it made the fish to rice ratio pretty unbalanced but overall, we enjoyed the plate.


We also decided to get chopped scallop rolls and my personal favorite, ume shiso roll. The scallops here are always fresh and they don’t over-do the mayo in the mixture so the natural sweetness of the scallops really come through. If you’ve never tried ume shiso yet, you’re missing out because it’s so delicious. It’s a mixture of pickled plum paste and shiso (mint) leaf. It’s the best combination ever.


We weren’t planning on getting squid but brother deer has made it a mission to try the squid at all the Japanese restaurants we go to in attempt to see which restaurant comes out on top. To our surprised the squid here was served fried similar to calamari as opposed to grilled. Regardless, they were crispy and the texture was reminiscence of chicken kaarage


Last but not least, we got a bento box so we could try a variety of dishes. It came with a small side of ebi sunomono, beef teriyaki, assorted tempura and sashimi. The sashimi wasn’t super thick cut like I’m used to when I go to Japanese restaurants but the quality was much better than most medium priced restaurants. Brother deer said the beef teriyaki wasn’t too dry and the sauce was just right. The tempura was crispy but not oily which is paramount to a good appetizer.


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