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May 3, 2014

I’ve been wanting to go to Kamamarui for a while now and since Grayson wanted ramen for dinner, it only made sense for us to go. Plus, we were shopping nearby and they offered parking. Yay for convenience.


Upon entering the restaurant, I was surprised as to how simple the interior looked. Even though the walls were all made of cement, it didn’t feel confining because the woodsy furniture helped give it a more modern homey feel.


The menu at kamamarui is one that’s concise and to the point because everything is laid out on one piece of paper. They offer four different types of ramen along with various dons, tempura dishes and appetizers for you to choose from.


Even though their menu isn’t very large, it took me a while to pick my dish because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get a combo since I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish everything. But at the same time I didn’t want to regret not trying the bomb since I’ve been hearing great things about it. After much debate I ended up giving in and got the veggie ramen + bomb combo ($9.50) figuring that I could always bring the rest home or Grayson could help me out with it if he was still hungry.


To be honest, the bombs ended up being smaller than I expected. I imagined something more impactful because after all, they were called bombs. Anyways, the bombs were onigiri rice balls that had a hint of terriyaki to them. I found the rice to be a bit on the firm side to the point where it almost felt glutinous. I didn’t mind this though because I like texture of glutinous rice. Grayson said that the rice balls were very “seaweed-y” in flavor as well.


These are the three sauces that they offer for you at the table to go with your ramen. The server was really nice and asked if we knew what each of the sauces were and explained what they could be used for. Starting from the left, there’s the salty sauce (for ramen and dons), chili oil (for ramen) and mild chili paste (for ramen).


I found the veggie ramen to be a little uneventful. There was only bean sprouts and corn in it so for a veggie lover like me, I was unimpressed. Then again I knew what I was signing up for because it told me that on the menu already. The ramen noodles themselves were cooked al dente and still had a good bite to them but I didn’t think there was very much of it in the bowl. At this point I was glad I ordered the combo because I would of been left hungry without having one of the bombs.


Grayson decided to get the Miso ramen + mini don combo ($13.50). The miso ramen had a miso pork soup base and came with slices of chashu. Grayson said that the chashu wasn’t dry and had lots of smokey flavor to it. He really enjoyed the broth as well and didn’t find it to be too rich or fatty. His only criticism was that he wished that there were more noodles and toppings in the ramen like the one you would find at Sanpachi ramenSantouka ramen or even kenzo.


Grayson got to choose between pork, beef or chicken for his mini don and ended up choosing the pork because he doesn’t like mixing up his proteins. He said that the don was a nice addition to the meal and enjoyed the sauce that was on the pork. He also mentioned that he liked that they used the perfect amount of sauce on it to make sure that it wasn’t too overwhelming.


Oh I almost forgot, they had the cutest hangers ever adorned on their walls for you to hang your coats on. I may or may not have been clumsy and made one fall off the wall though…so clumsy people beware!


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