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Jong Ga

January 11, 2018

Hello friends! If you’re a long-standing follower of my blog, you’d know that Jong Ga has been one of my favorite Korean restaurants ever since it opened a few years ago. I hadn’t been there for over a year so I decided to go there for lunch with Old bean and Mother deer.

jong ga korean food

From what I remember, they used to have a flip menu but now they have a one-sheeter that’s double sided. I liked that they added photos of all the food items on there so you know what to expect when the food comes to the table

As per usual, our meal came with a variety of banchan that consisted of kimchi, sesame beansprouts, marinated potatoes and zucchini. We always end up asking for a refill or two of these because 1) they’re always free and 2) they’re delicious so how could you not!

Mother deer always judges a Korean restaurant by their bibimbap. She says that it has to be good or it’s not worth going to. I would have to agree to disagree with the statement because I’m a bigger fan of soups. Anyways, this bibimbap cake to us in a sizzling stone bowl. So much so that the rice was crisping up right away. The perfect tell tale sign of a good bibimbap. It also came with a tofu soup on the side which was a definite plus.

Old bean went with the spicy pork bone soup. It looks quite full from the looks of it but a majority was bone as opposed to meat. The broth was already spicy with chili oil and there was even a generous helping of black pepper on top! I don’t know how he got through this one but he did! He said the meat was tender and came off the bone easily. Mother deer said it wasn’t worth it though because “we’re just paying for bones!”

I decided to go with the spicy rice cakes because I love rice cakes! This dish usually ends up being more sweet than spicy whenever I order it out but this one…I felt like I was on fire! It really packed a punch! It was actually quite the dilemma because I really should of stopped but I just couldn’t! It was just too good! The rice cakes were chewy and the sliced bell peppers just made it all the more enjoyable. One of the best I’ve tried! Dare I say it was better than the ones I had in Korea?

Our bill ended up totaling up to about $40 without tax and we left with a box of leftovers.

We were all satisfied with our meals for the most part until we were waiting for the bill. The server dropped a stack of clean cups on the floor and then returned them back to the kitchen counter as though they never left it. I stopped drinking my water after that. Who knows where the cup has been! Then she spilled something on the floor and used a cloth to wipe it up. This would of been totally fine if she then threw the cloth in the wash but she proceeded to wipe the counter with it! Eugh imagine eating at a table that has been wiped down with a cloth that was also used to wipe the floor with! Gross!

So as much as I love(d) this place, I am skeptical about coming back after witnessing their “cleanliness” or lack there of. What do you think? Would you stop going to a restaurant you enjoy after seeing something like this?

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