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Jinya ramen

November 10, 2017
ramen jinya chicken bowl

Jinya ramen opened up in Burnaby a couple months ago and it has been packed ever since! Despite being not much of a ramen gal, I decided to check it out last weekend and dragged Grayson along with me to give it a go.

As expected, it was a full-house when we arrived at 6pm on a weekend and despite the fact that it was zero Celsius, they forced us to stand OUTSIDE to wait! I was not about to wait outside for half an hour so we headed back into the mall and waited for their text to let us know our table was ready

jinya menu

When we got back, we were greeted by an overly chirpy server who led us to sit across from each other on a long busy shared table. It actually made me really uncomfortable to sit like this since I was surrounded by strangers and there was barely any breathing room from one stool to the next.

On top of that, the servers just kind of pop up from behind you to ask you if you’re ready to order which was definitely not anxious person friendly. So I asked Grayson to ask if they could re-seat us and 15 minutes later, we got to sit at an actual table at the back (sitting 5inches away from a party). Definitely not a date friendly location!

ramen sauces

For dinner we decided to order a chicken chashu bowl and green leaf salad to start. Grayson had the chicken part of the bowl and he said that it was tender (despite being white meat). We both liked the sauce it hd on top and marinaded soft-boiled eggs are always yum.

ramen jinya chicken bowl

As for ramen, we decided to share a premium tonkotsu white. We liked the thin noodles since it’s rare to find thin ramen around here and ordered an extra kaedama of it 🙂 The soup was a little too salty for my liking even though I was eating the noodles without the broth. Grayson thought it was okay though.

white chicken ramen

So even though we enjoyed the thin ramen noodles and the food was pretty good, I don’t think we will be back because it’s not really our preferred ambiance. However, if you’re with a group of friends for a night out or happy hour, this is a good place to go especially since they have specials from 3-5pm!

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