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June 2, 2017

Grayson has been craving for a whole hearty brunch for months now…and has been nagging at me to go with him for just as long. Unfortunately for him, I’m not much of a brunch person, so I’ve always denied such a trip. So he gave up on asking me and asked Banner instead, who is always up for a good ol’ big breakfast meal with friends. Grayson decided that we should all go to Ihop since he’s never been there before and wanted to finally try it out.

Ihop offers four types of signature syrups for their guests to enjoy; “old fashioned”, “strawberry,” “blueberry,” and “butter pecan.” To me personally, old fashioned tasted like the usual plain syrup, the strawberry tasted like a strawberry flavored lollipop, the blueberry tasted like a sweeter version of a blueberry jam, and the butter pecan tasted too strongly of butter. Ihop had these new Splashers that looked interesting when we saw them being served to other tables, but we just all ordered both ice and hot waters with lemon and honey, the waitress gladly brought us both items, which I thought was very nice of her.

After being overwhelmed by the exciting breakfast options the Ihop menu had to offer, Grayson decided he wanted a bit of everything and settled on getting the breakfast sampler ($10.99?). It came with bacon strips, sausages, ham slices, eggs (he chose scrambled), a bed of hashbrowns and pancakes. He said that the meats were perfectly seasoned and that the hashbrowns were “on point”. I’m not exactly sure what his definition of “on point” is, but since he rarely uses compliments like that on food, it must of been pretty good. The pancakes were light in texture and still moist (in the good way) on the inside. Although the eggs were nice and fluffy, he had to season them some more himself. Overall though, he was very satisfied with his first Ihop breakfast.


Banner on the other hand, knew what he wanted two seconds after he sat down. Today, he was going to try the southern style combination of chicken and waffles ($10.99?). When I asked for his description of his delicious looking breakfast, he decided to try to go foodie on me with his responses. In his words, “the slightly golden browned waffles have light crisp crunch on the outside with a soft interior to compliment it.” While he appreciated the tender crispy chicken, he would of liked it better “if it was actual fried chicken instead of just the chicken strips (that you could buy from the frozen department at wholesale stores)”. The honey mustard that was provided to go with the chicken had “a nice kick of spice to go with the sweetness of the sauce”. I, being an adventurous one, asked why he didn’t eat the chicken AND waffles together as a complete bite. He said he didn’t feel like it but in the end he tried the two together to satisfy my curiosity. I think he regretted doing so though, because he did not like the two together very much.


I was still much too full from my breakfast at home to order a plate of food, but when I do visit Ihop, although rare, I order the simple and fit vegetable omelette with spinach mushroom and tomatoes. I usually end up just eating the fruit medley it comes with and just half the omelette because it’s too much for me to finish. I keep telling myself to get pancakes or waffles next time, but I keep forgetting to since I’m too much of an omelette person. I will be more adventurous next time, I promise!

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