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Hi genki

April 8, 2017
shio salmon

Grayson and I have been feeling like having Japanese but not exactly the sushi style of Japanese lately so I suggested that we go to Hi Genki since they only serve Japanese entree type meals there. Plus we were in the area because we had to run a few errands at the mall. Hi Genki is a branch of Japanese supermarket Fujiya and it’s located inside a Japanese Nikkei seniors home. Which also means that unless you know about the place, you probably wouldn’t know such a gem existed!


I rarely ever see curry on the menu at Japanese restaurants and it’s been a long while since I’ve had it so I decided to get the vegetable curry ($7.95). It wasn’t as spicy as I would of liked but it’s understandable considering that it needs to suit the taste of everyone who decides to eat there. I only ended up getting through 75% of it because the portion size was so big but it was a total non-issue because Grayson gladly helped me out with the remaining 25%. The curry also came with a fresh salad dressed with lightly with lemon juice which I liked because I’m a veggie monster.


Grayson decided to get the chicken katsu curry ($9.95) which was basically like my vegetable curry but with chicken katsu. He said that his katsu was fried very well because the breading was super crunchy and crispy. He said that he hasn’t had katsu done this well in a long long time. Even though Grayson was a little skeptical about it at first because of the ambiance of Hi Genki (he’s an ambiance person), he ended up loving his curry so much that he wouldn’t mind coming back.


Originally we also ordered a mini udon ($3) but we ended up cancelling it because our curry took 45 minutes to come and we just didn’t want to wait another who knows how long for our udon to arrive. Plus, the amount of curry we got was more than enough to satisfy both of our tummies anyways.

hi genki curry

On another visit, Grayson got the beef curry and I got the shio kama plate. Bot were flavorful and delicious. The curry was a mix of sweet and spicy with ample veggies and my salmon was moist, flaky and grilled to perfection.

shio salmon

All in all, we were both satisfied with our homey large portioned meal and the fact that there was lots of free parking was pretty awesome too. But, the wait for our food was just waaaayyy too long! Although it might of just been a busy dinner visit because there were lots of take out orders and previous times I’ve been here I received my food quite quickly.

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