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Hastings Warehouse

May 13, 2017

I’ve walked by the Hastings Warehouse a few times before and it has always intrigued me because of it’s everything for $5 menu. I mean who doesn’t like cheap eats? Anyway, I ended up finally stumbling into the door of the place for lunch one fine afternoon and had quite the visit.

I ordered the quinoa and green apple salad which had crisp apple, sweet corn, cucumber, toasted almonds, avocado, mint and cilantro. It also came with soy honey and lime dressing but like usual, I ordered my salad without dressing so I can’t tell you much about that since I didn’t try it. What I can tell you is that the salad was delicious. I don’t even think I needed the dressing since it was already so delicious on it’s own. The apple gave it a nice tartness, the corn gave it sweetness, the avocado gave it creaminess, the cucumber gave it freshness and the almonds gave it smokiness. It was just delightful.


My friend got a burger with canadian beef, cheddar, and roasted pepper on a toasted bun. He made it extra yums by choosing to add a fried egg to it as well.  He said the burger was pretty standard and was well worth the price he ended up paying for it, not to mention that it came with fries too!

IMG-20130814-02166The only downside about the whole trip is the fact that the service was non existent! I guess you can’t have everything…

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