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Gyoza king revisited

May 31, 2017

Gyoza King is one of my favorites downtown and you better believe we got some gyoza when we were here!

Their specialty is the pork and veggie dumplings so we got an order of that. We’ve had these before but for some reason I liked them better this time around. The perfect gyoza equation is something that has a crispy wrapping and a juicy and tender enough filling to balance it all out and these definitely met the criteria for that.


The menu was completely revamped from the first time we were here since they had renovations done so we were happy to try some of their newest offerings.

Being that it was a chilly Vancouver day, we got a wakame udon which came with an onsen tamago. To be honest, I only wanted this for the egg because to me, there’s nothing better than a gooey soft cooked egg. I mean the udon was nice too and reminded me of the kind you get at gy-o. In other words, the udon was on point.


Last but not least we decided to try something new and got the donburi with seaweed paste. We were both a little apprehensive when it got to the table being that there was a tar-like substance in the bowl but it was actually pretty darn amazing.

The seaweed had this savory umami taste to it and wasn’t too “ocean-y” or salty. It was perfect and of course, the onsen tamago just made everything all the better. Simple and delicious. Simply delicious. Simp-licious?

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