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Guide to food at Aberdeen

October 7, 2015

I was invited to an event at Aberdeen by ChineseBites and goodness it was food galore!

I was seated with the lovely Naomi from Constantcravings and Hanson from Nosh and Nibble who are both super lovely and amazing foodies (and people). It was nice to be able to get to know them while trying the entire food court of Aberdeen.

We really had to get creative in the way we paced ourselves while we were eating though because when you have 6 drinks, 20 dishes and 5 desserts ahead of you…planning is essential!


To start off our evening of food and more food, we were presented with an assortment of 6 beverages to try.

  1. mango coconut juice with tapioca, mango and pomelo bits from 8 Juice House
  2. milk tea with pearls from Estea Express
  3. matcha soy milk from Strike
  4. iced honey matcha tea from Teppan Kitchen
  5. iced lemon Ribena from Bubble Waffle cafe
  6. Iced Genmaicha from Saboten


It was quite the challenge to share the six drinks amongst the six of us. Especially since we weren’t provided with extra cups or anything of that sort. At first we tried putting 6 individual straws into each cup but this became tedious (and un-environmental) so in the end we each chose a drink to stick with.


My favorite out of thesix was the iced Genmaicha because I am biased and adore Genmaicha. Brother deer liked the mango coconut juice from 8 Juice House best because of all the yummy toppings it had on the inside. However he did mention that it got a little sweet towards the end.

Now that the drinks are out of the way….on to the food!


Sakura roll (prawn tempura, avocado, chopped scallop) from Aji Hana

One of my favorite of the evening. It had lots of chopped scallop on top and had a good rice to filling ratio. The bonus was that it was well rolled and held together!

Original bubble waffle from Bubble Waffle

I thought these could of been crispier on the outside because the textural contrast of a bubble waffle’s crunchy exterior and soft interior is the best part about them!


Curry fish balls from Bubble Waffle

These were a little oddly shaped and they didn’t come with skewers at first so we were unable to receive the “full curry fish ball experience.” The fish balls had a bite to it, in that I think they were “fried” instead of boiled before being saturated in delicious curry sauce.


Pan fried Chinese chives with pork dumplings from Chef of Dumplings

Brother deer said the fillings in these was well distributed and balanced. Often times restaurants skimp out on the proteins but it wasn’t the case for these.


Hot and sour noodle soup from Szechuan House

SUPER SPICY ALERT! This was definitely not one of the favorites of the table. We didn’t end up finishing it and all you could really taste when you ate it was heat on more heat. I couldn’t detect any depth of flavor or anything else.


Deep fried chicken wings + squid from Wu Fung Dessert

Well fried. Battered. Crispy. Crunchy. Need I say more?


Prawn wontons from Lung Kee

Don’t let the photo fool you because these wontons were JAM PACKED with shrimp! I have never had a wonton with more shrimp in it in my life! The shrimp was well seasoned and there wasn’t much more on the inside of the wontons so it really highlighted the shrimp. My only criticism is that the broth was much too salty.


Popcorn chicken nuggets from Yougo Chicken

You can never go wrong with popcorn chicken. These little guys were gobbled up and vanished in a flash!

Drunken chicken hotpot from Tofu Hotpot

Filled with bean thread, a good amount of chicken, napa cabbage and tofu. Typically, Brother deer and I are not fans of drunken chicken because we don’t like the taste of rice wine but we actually found it to be okay. The wine wasn’t too strong and the chicken was moist.


Chicken bulgogi & pork belly from Kitchen Korea

Ahhhhh that chicken bulgolgi was amazing. The marinade and sauce on it was awesome and the chicken was insanely moist and juicy too. The pork belly didn’t disappear as fast at our table as brother deer thought that it was a little too fatty for him but then after a while he gave in and gobbled more up anyways.


Baked pork chop on rice from Leung Kee

The pork chop was well fried and didn’t get soggy even though it had a boatload of thick tomato sauce on top of it.


Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the rice as it was really wet, soggy, and moist making it really texturally unappealing.


Soy sauce chicken and Long Gong chicken from Leung Kee

Chicken prepared this way is something that I don’t usually reach for because I find it quite tedious to eat…with it’s bones and all but it was sooo sooo yummy. All the cuts of meat was moist and juicy whether it was white or dark which was amazing to me because that rarely happens!


Sticky rice from Leung Kee

I was excited to try this since it was from the same place as the amazing chicken but I was disappointed. It didn’t have much flavor to it and the rice was more on the “stiff” side and lacked the chewy, glutinous texture that’s integral for this type of sticky rice.


Club house sandwich from Strike

This was some club sandwich. It had bacon strips, a thin patty, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, mayo and cheese. Goodness! The sandwich bread on the outside was toasted nicely but the slice of bread on the inside got really soggy amongst all the fillings. But despite all it’s fillings, no sandwich filling “slippage” occurred so yay!


Tuna and corn egg rolls from Strike

We were definitely NOT fans of these. The tuna, corn, and mayo mix that was stuffed on the inside was watery and made the egg wrap incredibly soggy and mushy. There was an overwhelming amount of ground pepper in it as well. Just…not good.


Saboten set (prawn, pork tenderloin, pork loin) from Saboten

The fry on the tempura was definitely on point. It was super crispy and unlike typical tempura, they were coated with breadcrumbs which added to the crispiness of it. It came with a variety of sauces and we weren’t sure which to use for what but they all tasted good and that’s the important part.


‘A’ grade ribeye teppan with egg and corn from Teppan Kitchen

We were all looking forward to having this because who doesn’t like mixing up teppans? If you like Pepper Lunch, I suggest you try this one instead because it’s comparable and it’s cheaper than getting it there. I don’t know if it was because we didn’t let it sit in the hot pan long enough (we were just too desperate to try it) but the rice didn’t end up reaching the “chewy” texture stage.


Hainanese chicken on rice from Café D’Lite Express

In Naomi’s words, “this is the moistest chicken ever!” She is definitely right in saying so though because this was seriously some of the best Hainanese chicken I’ve had and I couldn’t decide if I liked this chicken better or the Soy Sauce/Long Gong ones better from Leung Kee.


I swear dessert should be served FIRST because by this time we literally had no more room in our stomachs for it but…

there’s ALWAYS room for dessert so we did some pacing around the mall for a few minutes to move things around in there a little bit and we were ready to go again!

Choco banana fresh cream mini crepe from Mazazu Crepe

I’ve never seen a cuter crepe in my life! It was so tiny and dainty!


Mini cream puffs and cheesecake stick from Beard Papa’s

You can’t go wrong with cream puffs or cheese cake. Enough said.


A Dream in Eden (strawberries, kiwi, mango, mango ice cream) from Frappe Bliss

This looked glorious. I used to get these all the time at Aberdeen with Neko but haven’t had it in a few years. It was nice to be able to try it again. Although it’s called “shaved ice” it’s really more like “shaved icecream” because they use condensed milk as part of the basis of the “ice” resulting in a creamier texture than traditional shaved ice.


Matcha Delight (matcha ice cream, chewy rice balls, red bean) from Frappe Bliss

Their presentation has improved from a few years ago since they used to serve it in styrofoam bowls instead of parfait cups. But this was actually a not so good thing because it also meant that it wasn’t very balanced and we actually tipped the entire thing over! We were all speechless when it happened and madly tried to salvage what we could. It was still delicious of course…but just not as visually appealing heh.


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