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Freshprep meal service: lemon rosemary salmon and ancient grain risotto

November 11, 2015
Salmon with wild rice risotto

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone!

I have something really amazing I want to share with you all. Freshprep reached out to me a while ago and offered to let me try one of their meals!

To give you a little bit of a background, Freshprep offers you a package of fresh ingredients to cook up a delicious meal that you select on their website. You can either choose single deliveries or subscribe for consistent ones.

the Fresh prep meal service

They offer a variety of menu items including Steak with cauliflower mash, Thai curry chicken and Black bean burgers. Each meal ranges between $10-$14 so they are quite affordable.

Another thing I really like about Freshprep is how you can order up to 2pm the day of the delivery! So if you ever realize that you don’t have groceries for dinner before 2pm, you’re in luck because they are just an order away!

the Fresh prep meal service recipe

I decided to try the lemon rosemary salmon and ancient grain risotto one because I have yet to try making risotto and I love my salmon.

When you open the box, you’ll find a bunch of ingredients. Each one is neatly packaged and labelled.

Fresh prep meal service ingredients

At first I thought that I would have to cut and prep all the ingredients myself so I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that everything was already diced, chopped and ready to go!

Look at how gorgeous the salmon looks!

Fresh wild salmon

And of course, a recipe is included in the package. The recipe was easy to follow and a timer icon is shown beside each instruction to show that you can prepare this meal in half an hour!

To be honest it took us more than half an hour, but that was partially because Grayson didn’t have a saucepan and we had to use a frying pan to cook our risotto in instead so it took longer to cook.

Fresh prep meal service recipe

Preparing the salmon for the oven

Lemon rosemary salmon prep

Cooking the ancient grains in veggie broth

wild rice risotto cooking

Adding the colourful veggies

wild rice risotto with vegetables

Putting it all together!

Grayson and I loved how our meal turned out. The risotto was flavorful and we enjoyed the variety of grains it offered since we rarely have opportunities to have mixed grains. This was actually Grayson’s first time trying ancient grains and he absolutely adored it. Lucky for him, we had extra left over since there was so much of it and he was able to have seconds 😛 The salmon was lovely as well. I really liked how simple the whole process was and their customer service is amazing too because my questions were answered within a day.

Salmon with wild rice risotto plated

I definitely recommend Freshprep to anyone and everyone out there. Not only is it a convenient service, but it really let us explore cooking and try something that neither of us had tried before without having to deal with the hassle of buying a bunch of ingredients in bulk to make one recipe. Plus, it’s also a great option for date night because as you know, the cold is approaching and indoor activities are a definite must this time of year!

For 15% off your first order, use coupon code eatmunchlove15

the Salmon with wild rice risotto


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Food: 4.5
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Would I order again? Yeap

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