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Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

September 30, 2013

I’ve always liked pizza pizza, by that I mean brick oven pizza. We were feeling adventurous and decided to go by Famoso on Commercial. I love walking in the front door because there is the most amazing Italian aroma there to welcome you. This pizza place is unlike any other because after you are seated, you have to write your own order and then hand it up to the cashier at the front to place your order to the “kitchen”. Speaking of which, they have a gorgeous open kitchen so you can watch your pizza being made fresh and placed into the oven.

First we ordered the Margherita pizza ($12), it is a pizza with pecorino romano sauce, fresh basil, and fior di latte cheese. This one is my favorite because it tastes so fresh and natural and allows for the three simple ingredients to speak for themselves.

Funghi tartufo ($14.75), a cream base pizza for the mushroom lovers out there. It had oyster mushrooms, white mushrooms, white truffle oil and grana padano. I found this to be a little on the dry side since the mushrooms had all the moisture sucked out of them from the oven, not my favorite one out of the ones we had, but it wasn’t bad.

Sweet bbq chicken ($14.75) this had a honey bbq sauce base, fire roasted chicken, tomatoes, red onions, cilantro, fior di latte cheese and smoked mozzarella. Cheese duo!  I found the chicken a little on the dry side, but the tangy barbeque sauce helped with that. I liked the asian take on a pizza, it was a nice experience.

The Don Andreas ($15.25), was the special one of the summer. It had fior di latte, creme fraiche, corn salsa, roasted chicken, avocado, and cilantro topped with a nice lime wedge. I thought out of all of them this was the most out of the box. I’m not sure all these toppings necessarily worked together on a pizza, it seemed more salad friendly to me. It was also a little difficult to eat because the little corn nibblets kept falling off my pizza.


Since kids under 12 get free gelato, and we had lil bun with us, we got us some. mmmm creamy gelato! We went with the burnt chocolate banana and this other one i forget the name of but it was gelato in it’s purest form. The chocolate one sounds a little odd but it tasted like banana foster with chocolate syrup on top and gooey marshmallows. If you’re into smores…or rather banana flavored smores give it a go. I preferred the original gelato because I’m not much of one for sweets. The waitress told me it was made up of cream, milk and sugar the basic base for gelato with a hint of vanilla. It wasn’t too sweet and I liked being able to try gelato in it’s natural form.


On another visit, I came here with Grayson. I kept to my usual Margherita pizza, but they offered it with pistachio pesto pizzetta ($7) for the summer so I ordered it with that topping instead. It was a little disappointing because I expected it to taste more different than the original.

Grayson went on a meat frenzy and got the Abruzzo Pizza ($14.75) with italian sausage, red onions, fennel seeds, mozzarella, romano cheese, and mushrooms. I thought it was alright, and that the addition of the fennel seeds gave the pizza an extra something.


They change their pizzas from season to season to highlight seasonal vegetables, which I find is a wonderful thing to do. The service here is great and if you aren’t sure about the special ordering system they have here the servers are more than open to questions and help. This has become Grayson and I’s go to pizza joint. If you’re like us, and want to eat pizza with the freshest ingredients on top of a nice crispy thin crust, come here!

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