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East One Seafood restaurant

July 4, 2017

East One is a restaurant that’s located on 1st Ave in the plaza with T&T. The location has been re-done a couple of times over the years and it hasn’t changed.

Mother deer was here with a couple of her friends and there were lots of left overs so she decided to pack them all home for us to have for lunch.

Sauteed short-ribs with bittermelon: far more oily than we expected it to be. The short ribs were decent for what they were I guess but we wouldn’t want to have it again

Sauteed 3 kinds of seafood with vegetables: The seafood present was squid, shrimp and fish. If you’re not a fan of shiitake mushrooms this wouldn’t be the dish for you since there was quite a bit of them. The napa cabbage was drowning in the roux sauce they had for this. You definitely have to have this with rice to soak up all the liquids.

Wontons: These were gigantic! Like the size of a golf ball gigantic! They were filled with wood ear mushrooms and shrimp. We noticed that a few of the shrimp weren’t de-veined though which was quite unfortunate but otherwise they were pretty good.

Deep fried tofu and minnows: I didn’t try this one since I’m not a fan of deep fried things but they looked really crispy and crunchy in texture.

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