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Dark Table

May 17, 2017

Ever wonder what it’s like to eat in the pitch dark and the loss of your sight? Dark Table is a restaurant that allows you to do just that.

All the wait staff are blind which not only provides you with a safe dining experience but I appreciate the fact that they give employment to those with visual impairment.

We made reservations because I was advised to do so since they tend to be quite busy on the weekend. Upon confirming our arrival with the hostess, we were given menus so we could decide what we wanted to eat.

You’re given two options, one being a two course meal and the other being a three course one. Being that neither Grayson or myself have a liking for dessert we decided to forgo that choice and went with the two course option.

We then proceeded to the heated waiting area to make our dining decisions. The starter is a surprise of the day so we only had to choose our mains. I decided to go with the prawns and Grayson went with the chicken.

Once our table was ready, our server came out to get us. We were both surprised as to how dark the interior was. It wasn’t like turning off the lights in your house dark, it was literally pitch dark and we couldn’t see a thing.

We were both a little worried at this point but our server sensed our skepticism and told us that everything would be alright and directed us to hold onto each other to form a “train.” He then led us to the bathroom which was very dimly lit.

dark table waiting

Then, we were led on over to our table so that we could be seated and shortly after our server brought us some water.

At this point the two of us were nervously whispering to each other about how we could possibly wave down our server if we needed assistance and listening to the conversations of our neighbours. You’d be surprised how loud everyone talks when you’re a sense down.

Anyways, our starters arrived at our table by this point and from what my tastebuds gathered, it was a salad with citrus vinaigrette and roasted vegetables. It was interesting trying to figure out each element of the dish as if it were a game.

Our server came back a while later to clear our table and ask us if we were ready for our main courses. Luckily, we both knew what we were expecting this time around.

Grayson said his goat cheese and date stuffed chicken breast with orange gastrique wasn’t anything like what he was expecting. The dish was sweeter than he expected but the orange notes really helped balance it all out. He thought that the chicken was on the dry side though so he made sure he tried to get extra sauce on it to the best of his ability. I kept asking him what veggies he got but he had no idea being that he doesn’t eat roasted veggies much but we both ended up deciding that they were probably potatoes and carrots. It was also helpful that the chicken was already cut up into bite sized rolls so that he didn’t have to struggle with that in the dark

creamy risotto

My peppered garlic prawns were cooked to perfection. I was apprehensive at first because I figured they might still have their tails on but they were removed so no choking hazards were present. The prawns were cooked tender and they really piled on the garlic sauce. It was seasoned enough to have a kick but it wasn’t enough to be deemed spicy by any means. The citrus risotto was really flavorful and creamy and I thought that I finished most of it but turns out I had leftovers so they boxed it up for me to-go. It was interesting eating it the next day with sight…the flavor almost seemed to be not as strong as when I ate it at the restaurant.

If you’re looking to have a new type of dining experience, I definitely recommend that you give Dark Table a try. I would say that it’s one of those things you should try once in a lifetime.

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