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Cup sushi and burrito

September 3, 2017
japanese rice bowl

During the weeks of the fireworks, Grayson and I came across cup sushi and burrito and thought it would be an interesting place to try out because it wasn’t advertised as poke but had all the same elements.

food prep station

The set up reminded me of a chipotle or subway joint because you walk in and you are greeted by a shelving unit with all sorts of toppings inside.

The only thing that differs between a traditional poke place and cup sushi/burrito would be that the seafood here isn’t marinaded. With that being said, I was surprised to learn that they had pretty decent range of seafood options to choose from.

sushi prep station

And as with most fast food restaurants, you can choose to eat there or have your bowl to go.

We were going to eat in but there wasn’t much seating and we much rather enjoy our day at the beach so we decided to take ours with us.


Something you might find unique about cup sushi and burrito is that they offer pink sushi rice as something you can use as your base. It’s pink because of the “patented” pink sushi vinegar that is only available at three restaurants in metro Vancouver. I don’t think it tasted particularly different from regular sushi rice but it is worth a try if you decide to give this place a visit.

pink sushi vinegar

Although they offered pre-made bowl combos, Grayson and I decided to make our own because it’s always more fun to choose your own toppings. We were actually surprised as to how similar our tastes were to each other because we got a lot of the same toppings.

sushi bowl

Grayson got a sushi rice base with chicken, salmon, cucumbers, peas, salad greens, tomatoes, avocado, red onion, crab, wakame and veggie crunch bits. We were also able to choose two sauces and he went with the coconut balsamic and the sweet potato pesto.

I don’t recommend getting a non-seafood protein when you come though because they have it cooked already and then they just reheat it in the microwave which could leave you with tough meat and nobody likes that.

sushi rice bowl

I decided to get the same so I was able to choose a base, 2 proteins, 5 toppings, and two sauces as well. I went with pink sushi rice, tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber, salad greens, edamame, wakame, tobiko, and crab meat with the same two sauces. Oh and I was surprised to learn that the imitation crab meat didn’t actually have mayo in it!

fish sushi bowl

What I liked about it the most was the amount of toppings that covered the rice. I actually almost didn’t notice the rice because there was so much on top of it. This means that they didn’t skimp out on the toppings because who else hates getting a bowl that’s all rice with none of the good stuff?

japanese rice bowl

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