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Crackle creme

October 20, 2014

After our lunch diabolical at Pacifico (read more about it here), Oracle, Huntress and I ended up going to Crackle creme because Oracle loves her creme brulee and I told her that we should go check it out. For some reason I thought that Crackle creme would be a place with a roomy cafe vibe but the interior was actually quite small and only had bar table style seating. The cafe also lacked a bathroom so make sure you go beforehand.


Crackle creme offers loads of creme brulee flavors (all $5) from tea based ones like earl grey or matcha, super fun ones like baileys, ferraro rocher or salted caramel, and even ones you don’t see too often like black sesame, pandan or pumpkin spice. Oh and most amazing of all….they have VEGAN creme brulees ($6)! If only Neko was here too because she would of loved it! I can already imagine her reading this and wishing she was there so no worries, we can go when you come back! Anyways, upon ordering your creme brulee, the owner will take it out of the fridge, toss a good teaspoon of sugar on top and brulee it with a blow torch right in front of you.


Oracle decided to get the Earl Grey one (above) because she loves her Earl Grey tea. She said that it wasn’t too sweet, had a good balance of flavor and didn’t have the burnt taste that you might get sometimes from burning the custard too much on top. Huntress decided to get the Matcha one (below) and she said that it was really creamy and had a good amount of matcha flavor and didn’t taste bitter from it. She didn’t end up finishing it though because she’s lacking in the sweet tooth department and couldn’t keep up with the sugar.


The two of them both enjoyed their creme brulees but thought it was a little odd that while the top layer of the custard was warm because of the brulee, the bottom half of it was cold because it was chilled in the fridge. Originally Oracle wanted to buy some to take home with her but she ended up changing her mind because she rather bring her brother there and have it made to order instead. So needless to say, the two of them enjoyed their desserts and would probably be back to enjoy more flavors!

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