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Congee Noodle house, Fukuroku sushi, Little Caeser’s pizza

January 14, 2015

It was that time of the year again…my cousin’s birthday! As with all celebrations that occur at my aunts house, a bunch of take-out was in order and here’s what we had!

Little Caesers

Oh Little Caesars, I haven’t seen you in so long. I don’t think I’ve ever had pizza from here before but I remember that their crazy bread was absolutely delicious and that marinara sauce? Amazing.



Anyways, there wasn’t any crazy bread at the party but we did get 2 pepperoni pizzas and a Hawaiian. Lil’ bun liked that they had a thin crust because she’s more of a thin crust pizza kinda gal. Because thin crust means you get to have more than one slice since it’s not as carb dense and filling. She said that the pizzas could of done a little longer in the oven though because the crust wasn’t very golden brown or crispy. However, the amount of toppings and cheese that was present on top of the pizza definitely made up for it in her eyes.


Little Caesars Pizza on Urbanspoon


Next up was a classic, Congee Noodle King. Wecongee noodle house go here for our family dinners quite a bit so it was no surprise that food from there showed up at the party.

We got chow mien, jalapeno fried shrimp, sweet and sour pork, shrimp fried rice, sauteed snowpeas with shrimp, fried tofu milk with shiitake mushrooms, BBQ pork fried rice, stir fried rice noodles, and a traditional appetizer plate.

It was quite the display of food and we didn’t go through it all because there was just so much of it! The food here has always been great value for the portion you get so that is why we keep coming back. The food itself is pretty good but for someone like me, certain dishes may come off as being too salty especially the vegetable dishes. Their noodle and rice dishes have never disappointed and they have always been prepared well.


Fukuroku sushiA dinner party with my family is never complete without sushi. Fukuroku is always the place of choice when it comes to sushi take out at my aunts because of it’s nearby location. We always end up getting 2 of these party trays because it offers lots of options.

This party tray comes with BC roll, chicken teriyaki roll, dynamite roll, alaska roll, salmon maki, tuna maki, and kappa maki. The rolls themselves were not rolled very tightly and the rice was a little inconsistent because the rice in some pieces would be softer than others. The fish was not as fresh as could be but it wasn’t intolerable either. All in all, it’s pretty decent sushi and I wouldn’t mind having it again but it wouldn’t be a go to in my books.

Fukuroku Sushi Express on Urbanspoon

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