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Chez Christophe

March 7, 2017

Oracle and I hadn’t seen each other for a while so we decided to go out and grab drinks at Chez Christophe to catch up. Despite the fact that we both live insanely close to the cafe, neither of us had gone inside before.

The cafe recently moved across the street from their original location. This location has much more seating and as with the original location, you’re created with the counter when you first walk into the cafe.

Then alongside the counter you have the pastry case full of their glorious cakes, luxurious truffles and flaky croissants. They also have a window where you can look into the kitchen where they bake their buttery croissants. We didn’t order any this time around but Oracle said that they’re pretty tasty.

I decided to get an unsweetened matcha latte. I tried to get it with almond milk but they only offered 2% and soy milk here so if you have dietary restrictions for either of those this might not be the place for you. Even though I ordered it unsweetened, it was still a little sweet so I’m assuming the matcha powder was sweetened beforehand. Either way, I enjoyed it. It was super foamy and creamy.

Oracle decided to get the tropical hot chocolate because we went during the hot chocolate festival. It’s made with dark chocolate and topped with a homemade coconut marshmallow and pineapple gelee. We didn’t think that the pineapple would work with everything but it did! The hot chocolate was bitter but it all balanced out because the marshmallow was quite sweet. Then your sip gets rounded out by the tartness of the pineapple gel. Talk about perfection in a cup!

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