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Chewy junior again

July 15, 2017

I have always tried to make my own Brazilian cheese breads because I adore the chewy texture of them but have always failed miserably at it. So whenever I’m craving something chewy and textured, I find myself heading off to chewy junior for one of their unique buns (previous post can be found here)!


I decided to get the mango one and the coconut this time around because I was feeling tropical at the moment..

The mango one was topped with almond and filled with delicious tangy mango custard. The custard in the buns here are velvety smooth and remind me of the filling in the cream puffs you’d find in beard papas. The thing I like about it the most is that they aren’t too sweet for my liking either because sometimes that tends to happen with cream fillings.


With that being said, I found the coconut one to be sweeter than the mango one perhaps it’s because it wasn’t as tangy. Actually to be honest, I didn’t find this to be very coconutty at all in flavor.

. Lil’ bun and I agreed that if we didn’t know that this was filled with coconut or if it wasn’t topped with coconut flakes, we wouldn’t of been able to tell it was coconut in the first place!


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