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Chatime and zenQ

November 6, 2017

Chatime opened a new outlet in Coquitlam in combination with Zen Q! This means that you can get both Asian desserts and bubble tea in one convenient location now!

It was packed when we went in and to our surprise the capacity of the location is only supposed to be 11?

Anyway, as you can see, it offers both Zen Q and Chatime menus. Grayson and I actually found this to be confusing because both menus offer drink options so wouldn’t it be confusing for customers to know which to order from? I mean both have milk tea on them…so are they supposed to taste different?

The two of us opted to share a brown rice green tea because it was a cold day and we just wanted something hot and then we got a grass jelly dessert to share.

We actually wanted to get a tofu pudding but they ran out so we had to get the grass jelly instead. It normally comes with brown sugar on top but since it already came with an ice cream of sorts we chose to have it without. It had taro, QQ mochi and tapioca pearls in it so it had a bit of everything. I have high expectations for QQ mochi balls having lived in Taiwan for a year and these were definitely not up to my standards but they were pass-able I guess!

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