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May 10, 2017

Donuts! I’m not much of a donut kind of girl, but adventure is adventure! Chief and I took a few loops around the block before we finally found this little storefront. Once we walked in, all we could smell was the lovely aroma of sweet pastry dough. The owner greeted us enthusiastically and was full of joy even for a rainy day. It made our visit worthwhile and very memorable. Since we had no idea which donut to choose, he gave us a brief run down of all the flavors and told us about the best sellers.

Chief and I decided to try the mango jelly filled one and the earl grey with rose petals. Umm…I was a little too excited to try them so I forgot to take photos of them, but you can always look them up on their site!

Here’s the quick run down of all them all

Earl Grey (their best seller): It’s an earl grey donut with glaze in the same with rose petals on top. To be frank, I’m not a fan of earl grey tea but I enjoyed the donut, probably because it was sweeter than the actual tea. Although, having said that, you were still able to taste the tea flavor peeking through but it was created so that it was enough to be noticeable without being overbearing

Mango: It was a cream filled donut that was well, mango flavored. It basically tasted like a liquid mango pudding encased in soft light donut dough. mmmm.

Since I felt nice that day, I decided to buy half a dozen home. These, I did photograph.


Starting clockwise from the top right…

Sweet snow: A nice chocolate donut with coconut flakes on top, it was nice and soft it didn’t really have a donut texture…it was more like a brownie with coconut cream icing on top. A little sweet for my taste, but this was brother deer’s favorite.

Ham and pineapple: A little out of the box, okay, a lot out of the box. It tasted exactly as I thought it would…like a slice of hawaiian pizza.

Beesting: A honey based donut with parmesan cheese and pepper on top. I picked it because it was another savory donut with a twist. I liked the inventiveness of it. It tasted much like a parmesan bread stick but with a much lighter texture. This was lil’ bun’s favorite, which was surprising to me since she’s not a savory person.

Citrus dust: A honey donut with a citrus glaze and zest on top. It wasn’t too sweet, which I liked, and it was oh so lemony.

Honeybush: I got this one because the owner descripted it so intriguingly. He said that the dough is actually steeped in honey team, how unique is that? It was really light and fluffy with a basic icing glaze on top. It was the softest out of all the donuts I tried.

Mexican molé: A  play on the Mexican mole sauce, so it was a chocolate chili pepper donut. It was a little dry for me, but I could taste the subtle hint of heat in it. The icing on the top helped balance and round out the spice in it, making it a perfect combination.

Overall, the donuts weren’t dry in texture and they had lots of adventurous flavors to choose from too!

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