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caffe divano

September 2, 2013

M and I were going to meet up with a friend we haven’t seen for a while and we decided to all go out for coffee. Caffe divano has actually been a place I’ve been meaning to go out to since M has always said it’s a great place to go, but since I’m not much of a coffee drinker and I worked at a coffee shop, I just never really had to venture out to new ones. Upon walking in and looking at the drink menu and the pastries I almost kicked myself for not going by sooner! They had a big selection of pastries which included whole wheat fruit scones with flax, VEGAN cookies, and gluten free muffins.  The best part about it is that everything was made in house at the cafe, I mean who doesn’t like freshly baked pastries? For all you macroon lovers, they have those too for $1.25 and they are huge, I’m not a fan of them but even I was lured in! They also offer quinoa or brown rice salads in mason jars as well as paninis.

I chose to get the vegan cookie ($2.50), because if you know me, I have a thing for vegan pastries. I wanted to know what was in the cookie and the barista nicely told me it had oats, coconut, raisins, chopped walnuts and cinnamon. I’m not sure what the binding agent was but I have a feeling it was probably agave nectar. Okay, I know not everyone is a health junkie like me, but for everyone else, they have these amazing signature “oreo” style cookies which are 4x the size of normal oreos and they are made with two gigantic double chocolate chip cookies with a vanilla creme center. I could tell they were popular because half the people at the cafe were eating them.


M ordered a latte, I can’t remember the specific name for it though, but I knew from what she told me that the shots were ristretto since the espresso shots were supposed to be more “compressed” and “strong” in flavor. I thought it was cute that with each drink you ordered you got a mini cookie on the side to go along with it too! And, latte art is just something that’s always pretty to look at.


Since M didn’t have breakfast yet, she decided to get a spinach feta panini. She liked the contrast between the crunch of the warm panini bread and the soft filling, she said there might of been egg in there too. She only  ended up being content after eating just half of it, and took the rest in a bag home to indulge in later. Our friend chose to drink a blended lemonade with strawberry in it, which also, came with a mini cookie on the side. I could see that she had to drink it fast because it started to separate already as she was bringing it to the table (notice the darker pink at the bottom of the cup?). She said it was alright, but couldn’t really give a comparison to the strawberry blended lemonade offered at Starbucks since she never tried the one there before.


Our friend also ordered a tiramisu and a lemon loaf to eat. She said the tiramisu was amazing and from what I could see, it had lady finger pieces on the top layer, then it was the cake part, and half way through there was another layer of the espresso/chocolate powder topping, which she thought was nice since it wasn’t just on the top. She was too full to give the lemon loaf a try, but I’m sure it was delicious.


WIthout a doubt, I will be back. Not only is it hard to find a vegan, gluten-free friendly cafe, it’s even harder to find one in Burnaby, and since I’ve finally found one, I’m not letting this one go. Well, in addition to that they have a spacious comfortable quiet interior and offers free wifi, so it’s a great place to study…if you’re into that sort of thing.

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