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Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse

April 20, 2017

I’ve been to Burnaby Clubhouse before for Dineout Vancouver and knowing that it’s such a wonderful place, we just had to take full advantage of their $25 three course menu promotion. While we could! I mean it’s $5 more than if you were go come during Dineout but, with the amount of variety you are allowed to choose from, I’d say it’s worth it!

Coconut prawn salad: This was heavy on the coconut flavor so if you’re not a huge coconut fan, this is probably not the appetizer for you. But I always like it when things are breaded this way because the coconut flakes get so crispy when they are fried.

This was the biggest salad ever! The bowl was bigger than my head! And you can’t go wrong with crispy greens, tangy orange slices and crunchy toasty pecans.

The seafood chowder was the least impressive out of all the appetizers we got. It was toasted nicely but it was cold when it came to the table and this was consistent for the rest of the slices of toasted bread that came with our meal. Could of used some garlic to spice it up a bit too 🙂

I thought that the lamb shank looked like a giant chicken drumstick. No, that’s not the right reference…it looked more like those turkey drumsticks you can get at Disneyland. Has anyone had those before? I’ve always wondered how eating one of those would be like. But I digress.

This lamb shank was cooked to perfection. It was soft, tender and easy to pull apart. So much so that no meat was left on the bone when Brother Deer was done with it.

Then of course the steak had to be ordered. It was nothing special though but the mashed potatoes were as smooth as whipped cream. The asparagus and tomatoes were grilled and glazed nicely.

Lil’ bun is a huge fan of ravioli and everything covered with creamy cheese sauce. She was a little adverse to getting this because she has never been a fan of truffle oil but she decided to take a gamble on it. Turns out she made the right choice because although the scent of truffle oil was strong when it came to the table, the taste of it was subtle.

As you can see, the seafood linguine was definitely meeting expectations in the seafood department. There were mussels, baby scallops and shrimp. The seafood was cooked tender which was amazing because there’s nothing worse than chewy shrimp. Despite being cooked well, Mother deer said that the mussels weren’t super fresh but overall the dish was pretty yums.

This was the strawberry sundae topped with a dense fudgy chocolate brownie. Lil’ bun thought that the strawberry sauce was a little too sweet for her liking and having that on top of the icecream with a side of brownie made everything all too sweet.

The chocolate mousse had chocolate cookie crumbles layered throughout it which added a nice textural element to the whole pot of decadent goodness and the toasted almonds on top gave everything the perfect crunch.

Then last but not least, there was the Belgian waffle with vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce. The already sweet strawberry sauce on top of the scoop of ice cream made everything sweeter than necessary. This was a rendition of the strawberry sundae but with a waffle instead of a brownie.

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