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Boiling Point

September 2, 2013

Grayson and I have driven past boiling point for months now and just haven’t had the time to go yet. Ironically, we picked one of the hottest days in the summer to go for a hotpot dinner, it wasn’t the brightest idea we’ve ever had, but if hot pot was the craving of the day, we were going to go.


There’s a decent amount of seating on the inside, they had booths for 2-3 people parties as well as larger tables for party groups. Boiling point is a hot pot chain that began in California and made it’s way all the way up to British Columbia. The first store was opened a few years ago in RIchmond, but the Burnaby shop just opened up not too long ago. This hot pot place is unlike any other because they use a special pot burner unique to them that they actually had patented! Well, enough with the background info now and back to the food. There are ten different types of hotpots to choose from, seven of which are regular sized ($11.99) and three are larger portion ones.($15.99) They had three signature sauces; chili oil, garlic soy, and garlic chili sauce? I’m not too sure on the last chili sauce but it was my favorite out of the three.


I predictably ordered the kimchi hotpot, which came with a bowl of rice, enoki mushrooms, pork slices, fish ball dumplings with a filling inside, meatball, tempura, clam, tofu, imitation crab, nappa cabbage, vermicelli, and an egg. I also got to choose the level of spiciness of the soup, they offered not spicy, tiny spicy, mild spicy, medium spicy, very spicy, and FLAMING spicy if you’re just a daring one. Although I LOVE my spicy food, I had to bite my tongue on this one and go with mild spicy since I was getting sick. ): Right when the hotpot arrived, I could already tell how it was unique enough to get a special patent, the pot was at rolling boil in less than 3 minutes of being lit in front of me and kept that level of boiling throughout the whole meal, it was sort of amazing actually, since that never happens. I enjoyed the hotpot because I’m a bit of a veggie monster and nappa cabbage was offered in heaping amounts. I liked the kimchi soup base as well since it actually had kimchi flavor to it. What was disappointing about it was that even though the menu listed out an abundant amount of toppings, the actual hotpot only had ONE of each item, and I wasn’t sure if it was just mine, but there was virtually no vermicelli in sight! I ended up giving Grayson half my rice (as usual), and the pork slices because I just didn’t feel like having it that day.


Grayson ordered beef hotpot that came with nappa, vermicelli, beef sliced, enoki mushroom, meatball, a big portion of beef slices, tomato, tofu, corn and kamboko. He ordered it not spicy (of course), and he had a bowl of rice too. He enjoyed the hotpot thoroughly and the huge amount of nappa cabbage was a plus for him as well. Although there was a lot of beef slices, he didn’t appreciate that the hotpot came to the table with everything already in the pot and boiling since the beef got tough really fast since they over cooked. So his tip to you is to ask for an extra bowl and take all the beef out first to prevent such a thing.


The price for the personal hot pot set here is a little pricier than the usual Taiwanese places we go to but Grayson liked it so much that he said it’s in his top 10, so we’ll be back. I’m excited to go back as well since I want to actually try it with some sort of spice level. Just maybe next time we’ll go on a cold rainy day and not a sunny one, I advise you to do the same, unless you want to be sweating throughout your dinner. haha. Oh I almost forgot, they also offer snow ice desserts which is actually one of my favorite things to eat but I passed on it this time, but if you’re to go, try it, i’m pretty positive you’ll love it too.

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