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Beta5 creampuffs

January 1, 2018
beta5 bakery

I’ve been hearing about Beta5 cream puffs for far too long. They come in a variety of unique flavors and the cream inside them are light and fluffy as though they are filled with pillows of joy.

beta5 bakery

Raspberry earl grey: This was the most impressive looking cream puff of the six. It was filled to the brim with¬†vanilla chantilly cream. That’s not all the cream puff was filled with, it also had a tart¬†raspberry mousse and a creamy earl grey custard on the inside. You couldn’t really taste the earl grey through it because there was so much vanilla chantilly on it but it was all very light.

beta5 earl grey


beta5 key lime cream puff

Malted chocolate: This was a very rich cream puff. It was filled with a malted dark chocolate cream with a dollop of vanilla custard in the middle. The whole puff was en-robed with a dark chocolate ganache.

beta5 chocolate creampuff

Lychee-rose: We thought this was the fanciest sounding out of all 6 cream puffs. It sounded delicate and this was reflected in it’s flavors. The puff was filled with rose chantilly cream surrounding a dome of lychee mousse. There was a dollop of raspberry jelly in the middle to tie everything together and it was topped with a macaron to make it all the more pretty to look at.

beta5 raspberry lychee creampuff

We had high hopes for this one because it sounded the most enticing out of the 6. We love lychee so we were really wanting it to pop but unfortunately the flavor was lost in the richness of the cream itself. But look at how filled all the puffs are on the inside!

beta5 creampuff

Matcha: This one was pretty straight forward. It was filled with matcha custard and topped with a matcha ganache. It was very earthy and the cream was silky smooth.

beta5 matcha creampuff

Vietnamese coffee: This cream puff was designed similarly to the raspberry earl grey one where it was cut in half and filled in the middle. It was filled with a coffee chocolate cream and condensed milk chantilly. I’m not exactly a coffee drinker because I find it to be too bitter for me but the flavor of it was light enough for it to be enjoyable.

beta5 vietnamese coffee creampuff

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