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Bai Bui Thai

April 12, 2017
duck curry

This post has been a long time coming but better late than never right? Bai Bui Thai is my favorite place to go for Thai food in Vancouver because not only is it super affordable but it’s absolutely delicious and to top it all off, they are absolutely MSG free!

tom yum noodle

I usually get the Sukho Thai noodle soup because it’s tangy, spicy and all sorts of yum but I decided to try something new this time around and go the Tom yum noodle soup instead.

It had a lot of chicken, mushrooms, greens and green onions on top. The soup was as it’s supposed to be, a perfect balance of both spicy and sour flavors.

duck curry

Huntress and Oracle decided to share a curry noodle soup and their duck curry special. The curry noodle soup is topped with crispy noodles so it’s a nice textural contrast to have.

The duck curry was absolutely unique. It had pineapples, tomatoes and lychee in it. They said that it tasted the like same curry base as the curry noodles but a little sweeter from the tropical fruits. Neko saw how delicious it was so she decided to get an order for her self too.

They also got an order of coconut rice to go with their curry. Huntress couldn’t get enough of it because it was just that delicious!

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