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Bai bui thai again

December 21, 2016
thai noodle soup

Bai bui thai has got to be one of my favorite Thai places in town. Not only is it cheap with generous portions but it’s absolutely delicious too!

They’re lunch specials are all $10.99 and come with an appetizer. The appetizer changes day to day but it’s usually either a side of fruit with crispy fried wontons or homemade shrimp chips with soup.

bai bui appetizer

This was probably my third there for lunch and every single time I’ve gone I’ve gotten the spicy sukho Thai rice noodle bowl with chicken. It’s sweet, it’s sour, it’s spicy, it’s tangy, it’s umami and everything you would want in one delicious bowl.

I always tell myself that I should try something else but this is too scrumptious to not get it again and again and this is coming from someone who actually likes to try new things!


Pad Thai: Lil’ bun said that this was comparable to all the other pad thai she has tried in the past. She said that she liked this one more than usual though because it was more tamarind based than tomato based so she liked the sweet/sour notes that brought to the noodles. There was a good amount of veggies and chicken in it as well and the noodles were still chewy. Theres nothing worse than mushy pad thai!


Curry noodle: I don’t see curry noodle soup at Thai restaurants very often so mother deer decided to try it. The broth didn’t look very spicy but it did have some heat to it. She said that the yellow noodles were chewy and the curry wasn’t too coconut-y which she liked because sometimes she finds curry to be too rich for her liking.


Summary: Bai bui Thai is definitely a place you want to try when you’re in East Van. Their lunch specials are affordable, delicious and filling and they have a variety of unique dishes to offer whether you are craving something spicy, sweet, or tangy. My go to dishes are the sukho thai and the curry noodle soup!

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