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August 2, 2017

From my visits to Yuzu Shokutei and Kokoro ramen, you’d know that I’ve come to enjoy ramen recently. So it’s to be expected that I’m coming to you with yet another ramen restaurant review.

MEN-no KURA is a ramen joint that popped up downtown. However, ithas not been able to make as much of a hype being that it’s close to Motomatchi, Kintaro and Santouka.

Grayson and I weren’t sure if it’d stand a chance to those ramen headers but we decided to give it a try anyways because we made the decision to try to not visit the same place twice this summer. (Although admit-ably, I was really tempted to go to Yuzu Shokutei around the corner)

We were actually both leaning towards just giving into our cravings and heading over to Yuzu when the summer special menu caught our eye.

We see cold soba noodles often enough but cold ramen that’s NOT a salad?

Yes please.

And of course they had a regular menu with hot ramen dishes on it as well as small rice bowls to add to your meal.

Another thing that we liked about the restaurant was that they had a patio seating on the outside. We were going to sit there to enjoy the sunshine but the air conditioned modern interior was much more enticing.

As I mentioned, we came here for the cold ramen and I decided to go with the soup version. It had chashu, bamboo shoots, half an egg and loads of negi (green onion) on top.

I ended up giving my chashu to Grayson who said that it was dry if eaten without the soup. So he ended up dipping it in my soup before consumption. I was not impressed with the broth at all. It lacked any depth of flavor and it tasted like soy sauce water. Not cool.

Grayson decided to get the dry cold noodles. It came with spicy ground pork, lots of green onion, marinated egg and fried garlic chips on top. It was supposed to have chili oil too but he’s not into spicy food so he got it without.

He usually isn’t a fan of cold meals but he enjoyed this one. The noodles were al dente and there was just enough sauce to coat the noodles but not drench them.

He got it with an oyako don. He said that there was too much rice in comparison to the amount of egg/chicken there was on top. Luckily he had my two slices of chashu to add to it. 🙂

To sum our visit up, we thought that the ramen here was mediocre compared to the other ramen joints in the area.

If you want to try cold ramen come here for it since it’s hard to come by. I mean they have cold ramen salads at ramen places but I liked that they were prepared differently here.

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