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Congee noodle king revisit

November 9, 2017
crab fried rice

Whenever we have a family dinner in Vancouver we usually end up at congee noodle king. It’s just the most convenient for everyone and it hasn’t severely disappointed us so we just keep going back.

congee noodle restaurant

Old bean’s aunt and family were in town so we mostly ordered seafood dishes for them to try out. First up was the steamed garlic razor clams. Everyone said that they tasted fresh and to my surprise they weren’t over-steamed and tough either.

At this point brother deer complained asking where the traditional appetizer platter was and the moment he said that was the minute it came. The dish was filled with Chinese sliced meats and “jellyfish”

steamed razor clams

Next came the oysters, which were ginormous by the way. They were literally the size of my palm! They each had a big dollop of black bean sauce on top which we weren’t a fan of because we thought they would of been better with the traditional garlic instead. They were a bit hit and miss on freshness too.

congee noodle king oysters

I’m not sure why this was ordered since it was barely touched at our table and few of us even liked the dish to begin with but they were fried minnows. Apparently they were quite spicy and were similar to the texture of curly fries.

Then we had a few veggie dishes and some cold Hainanese chicken. Both of which were mediocre.

congee noodle king fried minnows

The last seafood dish of the evening was this king crab. It was melt in your mouth in texture and each bite was filled with garlic-y goodness.

garlic king crab

After the crabmeat course, they brought out a fried rice that had some more crab in it. We weren’t a fan of this because it was quite oily and bland.

crab fried rice

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