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Afghan Horsemen – Dineout Vancouver 2018

February 6, 2018
Afghan Horsemen appetizer


Hello friends!

This is the last installment of Dineout Vancouver 2018. I can’t believe it has come to an end already. What is even more unbelievable is how I went from only managing to go to one restaurant in the past to going to five this year!

Where have I been? I started off at The park, then went to Max’s restaurant, had a spontaneous visit to Rocky Mountain Flatbread co, had date night at Dosanko and then rounded it off at Afghan Horsemen. I have only eaten Middle Eastern food once in the past at Tamam so I was excited to try this place out!

Afghan Horsemen restaurant

Afghan Horsemen is located by Granville Island, and they have a parking lot downstairs and meter parking around the block. We were very glad to have made reservations ahead of time since the waiting area was packed when we got there.

It felt like we were transported to a whole different place when you walk in. They had tapestry everywhere, a room where you can sit on cushions and eat, works of art, and music playing.

Afghan Horsemen restaurant Granville dinner

After taking a moment to take everything in, we were seated and given our menus.

The only think that made us not want to go to Afghan Horsemen in the beginning was the lack of dessert options. However when you consider how good the entree deals were, it was no longer a question of whether or not we should go. I mean the entrees alone were already usually $18-20!

Afghan Horsemen dineout

After my round at Dosanko and Max’s I lost all my expectations for the rate of which food arrives at the table. However, these appetizers were out within the first 10 minutes of our order. I was very pleasantly surprised about this and this definitely earned a few points in my book.

Afghan Horsemen appetizer

Mantu: This was a dumpling filled with lamb and beef then topped with yogurt and tomato sauce. This was definitely sauce heavy and you couldn’t really taste the filling which was disappointing.

Afghan Horsemen mantu lamb dumplings

Potato Boulany: This reminded me of a quesadilla except it was filled with potatoes and onions instead of cheese. It was great on it’s own but if you want to go the extra flavor mile, the yogurt sauce is a nice touch. I thought the spices in this made it a little spicy but not overly so.

Potato flatbread

Now for the entrees. Each entree came with deep fried sliced potatoes, salad, stewed vegetables and rice. The potatoes were very tough and oily which we weren’t a fan of. The salad was similar to Greek salad. We weren’t a fan of the stewed veggies since they were very mushy. The rice was a highlight though as it was seasoned with spices that made it fragrant.

Chicken Korma: If you are not a fan of fiery spices, this is the perfect dish for you. The tomatoes in the gravy sauce help sweeten it up and add acidity. The chicken was tender and tore apart.

Afghan Horsemen chicken kebab dinner

Lamb korma: A different protein rendition of the above. The flavor in this one was more gamey and had a different depth of flavor.

Afghan Horsemen lamb korma tomato gravy dinner

Lamb shoulder: The meat was fall off the bone tender. There was a big portion of it too which was very well welcomed. Mother deer ended up sharing it with the rest of the table because she was too full from it.

Afghan Horsemen lamb shoulder dinner

Firni: This was a milk pudding with cardamom and pistachios. If you’re a fan of chai tea, this would be up your alley. The cardamom adds undertones of spice to it without taking it over. The pudding itself was super smooth. We just wish that they presented it in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Afghan Horsemen rice pudding dessert

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