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Congee Noodle King

May 23, 2017
garlic fish

Appetizer platter: jelly fish, roasted pork and duck

The platter was pretty standard, and we noticed that there weren’t any vegetarian options. Lil’ bun was pleasantly surprised that the jellyfish wasn’t spicy since usually it tends to be and the duck was a nice addition.

Sauteed mussels

This was the first time we tried these here. Mother deer said that they weren’t very fresh and there were quite a few of those “nobody’s home” mussels but they were quite flavorful and not overly salty.


Prawns and broccoli

To our surprise, the broccoli wasn’t covered with roux the way we’re used to. The broccoli was actually cooked well and not overly mushy and the prawns were nicely de-veined (thank goodness) and tender.

chinese seafood

Fried pork ribs

These were so bad that they were barely eaten…

fried pork rib

Garlic chili steamed fish

Despite the sauteed garlic and chili topping that en-robed the fish, the meat itself wasn’t spicy. If you wanted that extra kick, you would have to add the topping on top of it before consumption. I liked that because then you’re able to decide if you want the added heat or not. The sweet soy sauce that was poured on top helped mellow out the heated notes as well.

garlic fish

Mushrooms and greens

Ahhh, veggies. As much as I adore my greens, I tend to stray away from them when I dine out at Chinese restaurants because they tend to be overly salty and oily. And these were just that, the greens were over cooked and limp so I didn’t have much of those but the oyster mushrooms on top were pretty tasty

Chicken with green onion sauce

Am I the only one who gets thrown off when the chicken arrives as a cold preparation instead of a hot one? I’ve never been a fan of this kind of dish because the meat always ends up being tough and dry. My judgement about this dish this time around wasn’t wrong because as expected, we were not impressed.

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